Top 5 Best Banding Wheels of 2023

A sculpting wheel is an essential part of pottery-making art. You can decorate your clay items while carving and painting on them. So, a banding wheel helps you do your projects quickly as it spins and lets you paint all around the pot. Moreover, both professionals and beginners use this vital component for their crafts.

When you complete your clay art projects, the next vital thing is to decorate your masterpieces. Therefore, a pottery turntable makes your operations easy and enjoyable. However, finding the best banding wheel becomes challenging when you have so many products available in the market.


But don’t worry, in this article, we’ll give you reviews of the top 5 turntable models that will help you make the right decision. So, let’s dive into their specifications and other vital features without wasting time.

Top 5 of the Banding Wheels

If you want to buy a clay turntable for your clay art, you must check its weight and material. Also, it is crucial to see is it easy to clean or not. So, read this article thoroughly, and you will know which one suits your needs and project.

Masto Reysan Sculpting Wheel

Masto Reysan Sculpting Wheel

  • Heavy-duty Steel Turntable
  • Perfect For Spray Painting
  • No-slip Rubber Base 
  • Easy Cleaning
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HighFree Heavy Duty Sculpting Wheel

HighFree Heavy Duty Sculpting Wheel

  • Non-skid Design
  • Smooth Turn
  • Easy Move
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MAAIGU 12 Inches Sculptor Turntable

MAAIGU 12 Inches Sculptor Turntable

  • Solid Construction 
  • Stable And Smooth 
  • Easy To Move
  • Wide Application
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Creative Hobbies BW-18M Sculpting Wheel

Creative Hobbies BW-18M Sculpting Wheel

  • Heavy Duty Solid Cast Iron
  • High Quality
  • Solid
  • Precision
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DIKNAAM 12 Inches Sculptor Turntable

DIKNAAM 12 Inches Sculptor Turntable

  • Metal Construction
  • Stable & Silent
  • Easy To Clean
  • Widely Application
  • After Sales Service
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1. Masto Reysan Sculpting Wheel – With Anti-Slip Base & Clay Tools

Masto Reysan Sculpting Wheel

Masto Reysan is the best banding wheel for both professionals and beginners. This easy turntable makes it convenient to handle clay items. Furthermore, this multifunctional wheel has excellent materials such as steel and plastic.

Smooth Spinning     

This wheel will give you amazing results due to its soft spinning quality. Crafters can use this product to design major projects. Masto Reysan, the 12-inch wide professional sculpting wheel, is perfect for art lovers. The smooth spinning keeps your concentration on your work.

Included Toolset

It is multifunctional and includes a toolset with the product. These helping tools make the project more precise and accurate. With the help of these tools, you can easily trim or carve your projects.

Excellent Material

The product has top-quality material, which allows it to work smoothly. You can clean it very quickly after finishing your tasks. This incredible product makes the artist’s crafts comfortable. The proper balancing ability of the sculpting wheel is an excellent feature for artists. They can control the art tasks very conveniently.

Rubber Base

It features a thick rubber base that doesn’t shake during operations making your project more convenient. This rubber base will not allow the wheel to move from its place. The best thing is its durability as the wheel has excellent material.


  • Easy to use
  • No shaking because of the rubber base
  • Versatile and user-friendly
  • Good material 
  • Recommended by most potters


  • Beginners may feel difficult to handle

2. HighFree Heavy Duty Sculpting Wheel – With Ball Bearings

HighFree Heavy Duty Sculpting Wheel

Another outstanding sculpting wheel will grasp your attention. This sculpting wheel is very convenient to use during art operations. This wheel moves gently whether you are handling heavy or lightweight projects. It features a heavy-duty iron at the base and top. 

Excellent Performance   

HighFree 7 inch banding wheel is an incredible product for artists. It helps to do heavy-weight tasks on this rotating wheel very quickly. Moreover, the base of the wheel grips it tightly at the place. So, you can do your art conveniently while focusing on your experiments. Do your DIY projects and embellish your masterpieces with unique designs.

Tall Enough 

The top of the wheel has circles that help you place your clay piece precisely in the center. Another fantastic thing about the wheel is that it is tall enough. So, while doing your tasks, you don’t need to lean your back. Just place the wheel on a table and start working. You can manage the rotation of the wheel comfortably.


As the product is user-friendly, you can do various ceramic projects conveniently. It moves gently and smoothly, and you can carve, shape and design your clay pots while satisfying your creativity. So, make pots, and create different masterpieces while playing with clay.

Excellent Material

Due to its best quality, the product will not get rusty soon. Although it allows you to throw heavy clay pieces, it is entirely lightweight. You can keep this product with you wherever you want because of its tiny size. Once you finish your work, clean it with water and keep it aside to let it dry.


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Non-shaky base
  • Long-lasting and anti-rust
  • Solid and smooth
  • Excellent material


  • Not any

3. MAAIGU 12 Inches Sculptor Turntable

MAAIGU 12 Inches Sculptor Turntable

MAAIGU 12 Inches sculptor wheel is the most fantastic product recommended by the artists. The quality of the product makes it more demandable among sculptures. Moreover, this outstanding pottery wheel has heavy-duty ball-bearing fittings, which allow it to rotate without making much noise.

Smooth Surface

The surface of the banding wheel has a smooth texture that is very easy to clean. Additionally, the top of this product has many concentric circles that help to center the clay piece. You can rinse the surface with a wet towel or wipes. Furthermore, the bottom of this product has a rubber base which keeps it in place. So, it doesn’t slip from its position while in operation.

Easy to Move Around

Although the wheel is heavy because it is 4.2 pounds, you can still move it around quickly. Moreover, as it doesn’t slip from the place, you can focus on your project without fear of falling it. So, try this fantastic product and decorate your clay items with paint and other stuff.

Good Weight Capacity

This fantastic wheel has good weight capacity and is completely stable. The stability of the product allows it to handle heavy loads without any trouble. This feature makes this product more demandable in your ceramic studio. 

Versatile Performance

This product helps you do a wide range of projects while working in your ceramic studio. You can use this turntable to make clay designs, create models, arrange the flowers, and much more. Furthermore, it won’t disappoint you with its performance as it shows versatility. 


  • Easy to clean
  • Smooth surface
  • No scratching
  • No frictions or grinding
  • Versatile performance


  • Heavy

4. Creative Hobbies BW-18M Sculpting Wheel – In Blue Color

Creative Hobbies BW-18M Sculpting Wheel

This professional sculptor wheel helps to do various art projects conveniently. It makes your DIY art experiments even more accessible and more entertaining. Moreover, expert artists and beginners will love to do their work on this fantastic sculpting wheel.

Smooth Revolving

It spins smoothly and gently without making much noise. Moreover, it features ball bearings that make it possible to get smooth revolving. As the wheel rotates in a smooth movement, you won’t be irritated while doing your art experiments. So, enjoy your pottery, make sculptures, decorate, and paint on your clay pots using this convenient wheel.

Rust-Resistant Coating

It features a blue coating on the top of the wheel that is rust-resistant and not sticky. Similarly, if you decorate your items on the wheel, they won’t stick on it because of its non-stick material. Also, it doesn’t slip from its place while spinning smoothly. Also, the wheel won’t come out of the base if you lift it.

Concentric Circles

You can see concentric circles features on top of the wheel. These circles allow you to center your item easily while decorating it. Furthermore, there is no need to fix it in the place as it fixes without slipping. It has a rubber base that will not fall during operations. However, you can move it around to put it anywhere else if you need.


Apart from all these fantastic features, it is lightweight despite durable construction. However, the base is heavier than other models, which helps to stand it still. It is small in size, such as 7 inches in diameter; however, it offers excellent performance. You can use it as a sculpting wheel or display your art items in your studio.


  • Non-sticky and non-slippery material
  • Smooth spinning
  • Multifunctional
  • Rust-resistant coating
  • It doesn’t make noise


  • Heavy

5. DIKNAAM 12 Inches Sculptor Turntable – For Ceramics

DIKNAAM 12 Inches Sculptor Turntable

If you need an economic banding wheel with a wide surface, DIKNAAM is an ideal option for you. Most professional potters and even beginners find it easy to use while playing with clay. Besides, it offers a smooth and gentle spin without making noise. So, you can focus on your project without getting disturbed.

Steel Surface

It features an excellent material such as a steel surface attached with a durable ball bearing. Therefore, it revolves quickly without shaking during the operation. Also, the material is durable enough to last for decades. It has a wide area to work on, like 11.6 inches in size. So, using this excellent wheel, you can conveniently work with large clay pieces.

Good Weight Capacity

Having good weight capacity, it can bear larger and heavier clay pieces. So, you can work with around 45kg/100 weights. Also, you can see concentric circles at the top of the wheel. These circles will help you center your clay piece. It features durable and robust material that will not break up soon. So, enjoy your DIY clay experiments and design your art items with this excellent product.

Stable Rotation

This pottery turntable spins in a stable rotation. So, while working with your art pieces, it offers you a gentle and smooth process. Moreover, it doesn’t shake during clay art projects. It features a heavy base that lets the wheel spin in a stable movement. Also, the bottom is non-slippery that will not slip while in operation.


You can use this banding wheel to do lots of art projects. Besides, it helps paint, decorate, floral arrangements, clay designing, and much more. While using this product, you will enjoy doing your experiments as it is convenient to use. Furthermore, as the wheel surface is smooth, you can clean it easily after finishing your work. To avoid mess around your workplace, make sure to cover the surroundings before starting your work.


  • Multifunctional
  • Smooth and gentle rotation
  • Excellent material
  • Easy to clean 
  • Good weight capacity


  • Not any

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a banding wheel for ceramics?

A banding wheel is also called a sculpting or decorating wheel. You can find it in different sizes and heights. Besides, they come in various aluminum, plastic, and cast iron materials. So, you can buy the model which suits your project and needs.

Q. What is a sculpting wheel called?

A sculpting wheel is a machine that most potters use to make their clay pots. It allows you to shape and design your art pieces. Also, it moves around, and you can decorate all sides of your masterpiece.

Q. How long can clay sit before firing?

In about three weeks, your clay pots become dry, and it is sufficient time. However, if your area is misty, wait for four weeks. Also, if you want to make some complicated piece of art, then it will take more time.

Q. What is a banding wheel?

A banding wheel is an essential part of pottery-making art. It is a turntable that most potters use to carve, sculpt and decorate clay items. Moreover, it helps to easily embellish all sides of pots as it moves around gently.


So, in this article, we described the best banding wheels that will help you embellish your art pieces. Out of these excellent products, we suggest going for HighFree 7 inch Sculpting Wheel. It is one of the most heavy-duty pottery turntables.

Moreover, it will offer you a smooth and gentle spin while painting your clay pieces. However, you can consider any other model that suits your requirements and budgets. So, do your research and find a lightweight and economical wheel.

Which one of these preferences did you like the best? Do tell us in the comment section below. Also, if you want to ask anything about the product, leave us a note. Our team is always there to respond to you as soon as possible.

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