Best Pottery Wheel For Sale 2022 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Have you decided to buy best pottery wheel? There are many pottery wheels available in the market for all skill levels (Beginner, Intermediate and Expert). But it is difficult to figure out which pottery wheel is right for you.

But, you do not need worry about it, we have tested best pottery wheels available in the market and reviewed them according to our own experience.

Pottery is a kind of art from old times, captivating people for centuries. All you need to do is take a piece of clay, put it on your pottery wheel and create something different. Moreover, you can do an artistic transformation of your clay pots with this art.

Top 3 Picks

Mophorn Electric Pottery Wheel
Mophorn Electric Pottery Wheel
  • Fancy appearance
  • Flexible Application
  • Reliable to Use
  • Wide Application
SEAAN Electric Pottery Wheel
SEAAN Electric Pottery Wheel
  • LCD Touch Screen
  • Easy Speed Change
  • Large Diameter of 25 cm (9.8")
  • Steady Operation
SKYTOU Electric Pottery Wheel
SKYTOU Electric Pottery Wheel
  • Bright Color
  • Compact Structure
  • Operates Stably
  • Flexible Operation

A pottery wheel is a spinning table that shapes the clay into pretty items. There are many options of electric or manual pottery wheels in various designs & sizes. However, it isn’t easy to decide which wheel is suitable for you. Don’t worry; we are here to help you solve this problem.

So, in this article, we have compiled the top 10 best pottery wheel products. You can pick one of them that suit your budget and requirements. Let’s have a look at these products.

List of Top 10 Best Pottery Wheel Reviews

Mophorn Electric Pottery WheelMophorn Electric Pottery Wheel
  • Fancy appearance
  • Flexible Application
  • Reliable to Use
  • Wide Application
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SKYTOU Electric Pottery WheelSKYTOU Electric Pottery Wheel
  • Bright Color
  • Compact Structure
  • Operates Stably
  • Flexible Operation
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VIVOHOME Pottery WheelVIVOHOME Pottery Wheel
  • High-Quality Aluminum Alloy
  • Ultra-low Noise
  • Adjustable Speeds
  • Safety Protection
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Cozyel Electric Pottery WheelCozyel Electric Pottery Wheel
  • Safe Protection Device
  • Aluminum Wheel Abs
  • Water Basin
  • Beautiful Appearance.
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VEVOR Pottery WheelVEVOR Pottery Wheel
  • Premium Quality
  • Easy Speed Regulation
  • High Flexibility
  • Reliability & Security
  • Wide Application
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YaeTek Electric Pottery WheelYaeTek Electric Pottery Wheel
  • Compact structure
  • Speed adjustable
  • Safe and Reliable
  • Special Design.
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ZXMT Electric Pottery WheelZXMT Electric Pottery Wheel
  • Safe and reliable
  • Beautiful Design
  • Smooth Speed
  • Low Noise
  • Fast Shipping, 
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SEAAN Electric Pottery WheelSEAAN Electric Pottery Wheel
  • LCD Touch Screen
  • Easy Speed Change
  • Large Diameter of 25 cm (9.8")
  • Steady Operation
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BULL Electric Pottery Forming MachineBULL Electric Pottery Forming Machine
  • Beautiful and Fashionable
  • Safety Protection Device
  • Easy To Clean
  • Multiple Control Methods
  • Applicable To All Skill Levels
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KHINYA Electric Pottery WheelKHINYA Electric Pottery Wheel
  • High Quality
  • Combining Art and Quality
  • Gorgeous & Practical
  • Safe Protection Device
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1. Mophorn Electric Pottery Wheel – Adjustable Feet Lever


Mophorn is an electric pottery wheel that is small in size. It is a certified clay machine with modern technology, and you can use it at home or away. Moreover, this fantastic product will fulfil both beginners and professionals’ requirements.

Large Wheel

This electric clay machine features a larger wheel of 25 cm. So, the user can handle larger clay pots easily. Besides, its surrounded design stops the filth from grinding down & entering into the fuselage. Also, the ABS dish makes it easy to clean the machine without any hard work.

Flexible Speed

A foot pedal and a handle are located on the machine for the extra active task. Also, you can adjust the revolving speed according to your need. So, you can play with your clay with freedom in this way. Moreover, the larger surface provides comfort & ease of use.

Two-Way Rotations

It features a button that controls revolving directions to offer you upgraded convenience. So, while using this excellent pottery wheel, you will experience Two-way rotations. You can adjust these rotations according to your needs. Furthermore, the wheel moves very smoothly, making the slightest sound.


When you finish your artwork, you don’t need to work hard to clean your machine. Wipe your pottery wheel with water & a duster, and it will become cleaned quickly. Similarly, you will avoid the difficulty of problematical cleaning.


  • The best product for beginners
  • Small in size
  • Easy to clean
  • Large wheel


  • The wheel gets slow down while you press

2. SKYTOU Electric Pottery Wheel – With Foot Pedal


If you need the best pottery wheel for home use or teaching at school, Skytou is the best option. It is a small size electric machine that will satisfy your DIY projects.

Easy Foot Control 

This excellent pottery wheel features a foot pedal that makes your DIY projects smooth and easy. Moreover, you can adjust its revolving speed according to your requirement. So, enjoy your clay art and make unlimited unique items out of clay.

Broad Wheel

The wheel comprises an aluminium alloy substance. Also, the broad area of the wheel, 25 cm (9.8″), helps to play with big pieces of clay easily. Similarly, the encircled design inhibits the mud from spreading around & entering into the fuselage.

Detachable Basin  

It has a bowl around the wheel that features two little grids. So, you can put your tools there conveniently. Apart from that, you can keep water in the grid that you will need during your clay projects.

Included Accessories 

The product comes, including many unique and valuable accessories that will help you make ceramics. These accessories include:

So, use this professional wheel that functions smoothly, making the slightest noise. All the included tools will create your artwork enjoyably and encourage you to do more experiments.


  • Noiseless function
  • Small in size
  • Amazing tools included
  • Two-way rotation
  • Broad surface


  • Creates vibration on high speed

3. VIVOHOME Pottery Wheel – with Removable Basin & Foot Pedal

VIVOHOME Pottery Wheel

Vivohome features a unique design and excellent function to make your DIY clay projects enjoyable. The excellent quality material proves its durability and function. Moreover, it is easy to use and easy to clean and makes your life easy.

Durable Material

The structure of this best cheap pottery wheel is prepared with a steel plate. So, the durable material resists rust & erosion. Moreover, it features a powerful motor that works efficiently and smoothly without excessive noise. It works amazingly, and you can easily make your ceramics in a broad area.

Adjustable Speed

There is a convenient foot pedal located on the machine to control the wheel’s speed. Also, you can adjust the revolving speed according to your requirement. For that, you will see a knob on the side of your machine. You simply need to rotate this knob to change the direction of the wheel.

Safety Protection

The machine features an air switch that stops the excessive currents & short circuits. So, you can work on your pottery wheel with life safety without any fear of current. Furthermore, it rotates in a two-way direction and helps to make your DIY projects unique.

Removable Basin

It has a white plastic bowl around the pottery wheel that avoids water splashes. Also, the unnecessary mud remains in this basin, and you work efficiently without making any mess. So, when you finish your project, you can clean the machine easily. Moreover, it comes including a tool kit that you can use in your ceramic projects.


  • Easy to clean
  • Safe to use
  • A helpful tool kit included
  • Two-way rotation
  • Noiseless function


  • The motor wears down soon

4. Cozyel Electric Pottery Wheel – For Ceramics Clay Art Craft

 Cozyel Electric Pottery Wheel

The Cozyel pottery wheel will fulfil all your clay art requirements. It is the best option for ceramic art projects done at home or outdoors. So, try this fantastic product to make cups, teapots, bowls, plates & much more.

Compact Design 

This excellent product has a small size and compact design. Moreover, the structure is durable and solid. So, you can use it daily without being worried about its breakage. Enjoy your DIY experiments and create something unique out of raw clay.   

Durable Structure

The Cozyel electric pottery wheel has a durable structure and beautiful appearance. Since the machine has exceptionally small, it won’t consume extra space. Besides, it features a processed exterior with powder coating. The refined design & exceptional features will make your art projects more enjoyable.

Removable Dish

The product features a white ABS plastic bowl attached to the wheel machine. It conveniently stores the extra mud and water during your art process. Moreover, it helps to prevent splashes of mud water. Similarly, you can clean your clay machine easily without much effort after finishing your work.

Leakage Protection

The power supply of this clay machine adopts a one-phase leakage safety device. The wheel rotates in a two-way direction making a minor noise while moving. So, you can continue your operation safely without fear of short circuits. Besides, it is the best choice for expert potters and beginners.


  • Eight carving tools included
  • Smooth and noiseless rotation
  • Two-way rotation
  • Powerful motor    
  • Convenient foot pedal


  • The power connection isn’t up to the mark

5. VEVOR Pottery Wheel – With Foot Pedal for Ceramic Art Projects

VEVOR Pottery Wheel

The Vevor pottery machine features innovative equipment. You can use this excellent wheel for your ceramic art projects in your studio or at home. Moreover, it has exceptional features that make your operations easy and enjoyable.

Flexible Operation  

The expert potters recommend this pottery wheel as they found it brilliant in its functions. The product has a compact and beautiful design with a small and convenient foot pedal. Similarly, the comfortable foot pedal offers flexible and easy operation. You will enjoy your amazing experiments while playing with clay.

Smooth Speed

As the wheels work and move smoothly, you will find it easy to do your DIY tasks daily. It has smooth speed with low noise operations. Moreover, it rotates in two-way directions, i.e. clockwise and anticlockwise, making your ceramic art convenient and easy.

Broad Surface

The wheel has a broad surface of 14 inches to make clay pots. Also, the wheel’s material is an aluminium alloy that lets the user play with large pieces easily. Around the wheel, you will find a removable dish to keep the extra mud and water. You can remove the dish quickly and clean your machine when you finish your work.

Adaptable Revolving Direction

On the machine, you will see a switch for your convenience. So, you can control the revolving direction of the wheel using this switch. Furthermore, its clockwise and anticlockwise direction makes your tasks flexible and comfortable. The product is safe and reliable to use, and you can use it without fear of any short circuit. 


  • Least noise operation
  • Two-way direction
  • Adjustable speed
  • Adjustable speed
  • Broad wheel
  • The best option for beginners


  • The wheel speed gets slow down while pressing

6. YaeTek Electric Pottery Wheel – For Clay Art Craft 

YaeTek Electric Pottery Wheel

You can use the YaeTek pottery wheel for your professional clay art projects. Moreover, it will satisfy your innovative pottery experiments and teaching clay art at school. The machine is suitable for both beginners and professionals both.

Adjustable Speed

Using this excellent pottery wheel, you can easily regulate the revolving speed using the foot pedal. Also, the foot pedal is convenient and in your range to use easily. So, try this amazing machine to do your different clay art experiments at home or outdoor.

Smooth Rotation

As the electric pottery wheel features two-way rotation, you can move it in both directions. The wheel rotates in the forward & reverse direction with a button. All you need to do is select the direction during your art process. Moreover, it rotates smoothly, making the slightest noise.

Powerful Motor

It features a powerful brushless motor that works smoothly and quietly. This pottery wheel also functions with a single-phase and provides leakage protection. So, you can use the machine safely, and there is no need to worry about any short circuit.

Great for Beginners

The YaeTek pottery wheel is easy to use and easy to clean. So, you can consider it one of the best options for beginners. If a novice is trying to learn ceramic art with clay, we recommend this model. Make different ceramics like pots, cups and vases on your wheel easily. When your work completes, you can clean your machine without much effort.


  • Easy to use
  • Smooth rotation
  • Good for the beginners
  • Easy cleaning
  • Small size


  • The material is not satisfactory

7. ZXMT Electric Pottery Wheel Tool – For Ceramics Clay Art Craft

ZXMT Electric Pottery Wheel Tool

The next model on our list of the best pottery wheels is the ZXMT electric clay machine. It is another best option for school teaching or home for professionals and beginners.

Beautiful Design

This excellent machine makes lots of incredible pots like cups, plates, vases, and much more. It features a compact and beautiful design with a durable structure. Moreover, the small size doesn’t take too much space and satisfies your needs for ceramic art craft.

Adjustable Speed

There is a foot pedal located on the machine for extra swift procedure. Moreover, you can easily adjust the revolving speed of the wheel according to your need. The machine is safe and reliable to use. It adopts a single-phase power supply with a leakage protection device. So, you don’t need to worry about the short circuit at all.

Included Accessories

This fantastic clay machine comes with eight essential tools. You can use these carving tools to design, shape & engrave your clay pots. So, try amazing DIY experiments and create exceptional items out of raw clay.

Metallic Base

You will see three durable metallic bases at the lower part of your clay forming machine. So, your machine won’t slip during the operation. Furthermore, the wheel smoothly revolves in a two-way direction while making less noise. You can find it in two striking colours, i.e. Advanced Reblue & Beauty White.


  • Doesn’t slip while in operation
  • The wheel revolves in two-way directions
  • Removable basin for cleaning
  • Adjustable speed
  • Durable construction


  • The wheel takes a moment to revolve

8. SEAAN Electric Pottery Wheel – For Ceramic Art with Foot Pedal

SEAAN Electric Pottery Wheel

Seaan electric pottery machine features exceptional technology. This best pottery wheel works smoothly, making your clay art experiments easy. So, try this product for your DIY tasks and make lots of excellent objects while playing with clay.

LCD Touch Control

This pottery wheel is different from other models as it features an LCD touch control. There are touch buttons located on the machine that you can use to operate your wheel efficiently. Moreover, the LCD screen is waterproof, and you can touch the keys even if you have clay on your hands.

Large Wheel

It has a broad wheel head of 25 cm (9.8″) in diameter. It comes with ten ceramic tools to shape and design your pots. This will help to throw large clay pieces on it and create different items. So, make unique pots like cups, plates, vases and more items on it with clay and enjoy your art.  

ABS Removable Pans

A removable pan is located around the wheel that keeps the dirty water and extra mud in it. The pan has two small portions where you can keep your tools and water to use during the operation. Once you finish your process, you can easily detach this pan and clean your machine for next day operation.

Adjustable Speed

The machine works at a smooth speed, and you can adjust the speed according to your requirement. You will see a control key located on the machine to manage the rotation speed as you want. Also, this machine is excellent for beginners who face difficulty in controlling their speed.


  • Waterproof LCD touch controls
  • Large surface to work on
  • Smooth rotation
  • Great for the beginners
  • Removable pan with small grids


  • Flimsy foot pedal

9. BULL Electric Pottery Forming Machine – With Adjustable Lever

BULL Electric Pottery Forming Machine

Anbull electric pottery forming machine is straightforward to use. You can start working on it irrespective of the level you are in. Even beginners won’t face any difficulty to start their art projects. So, try this exceptional product without wasting time on too much searching.

Dual Speed Regulation

This model of clay machine features a foot pedal & manual lever. You can adjust the two-way rotary speed according to your choice. You will experience a unique operation using this manual speed control & foot pedal.

Great Quality Wheel  

The wheel has an excellent quality aluminium alloy structure that is durable and solid. Moreover, it won’t rust easily, and the broad surface will offer you more space to work on. The wheel moves in forward and reverse direction that helps to do your art conveniently.

Safety Protection Device

This pottery wheel features a friendly leakage shield device that guarantees reliable and safe operation. So, there is no need to worry about your safety at all. Just do your work without fearing any short circuit. Also, you can use this machine for either professional level or at home both.

Easy Cleaning

There is a detachable ABS basin that you can assemble and disassemble easily. This removable bowl helps to clean the machine conveniently. Besides, it comes including various carving tools to shape your pots. So, when you complete your clay art process, remove the basin and clean your machine.


  • Safe and reliable to use
  • Smooth and less noisy operation
  • The wheel moves in both directions
  • Consumes less space


  • Shaky wheel

10. KHINYA Electric Pottery Wheel – With Foot Pedal for Clay Art Craft

KHINYA Electric Pottery Wheel

This pottery wheel can also be used by beginners can use this small pottery machine to play with clay art. It is the best pottery wheel for teaching purposes and DIY projects. So, try this excellent clay wheel to make different clay pots.

Two-Way Rotation

The machine features a reverse & forward button that you can control while doing your ceramic art. Moreover, you will find more controllers on the machine, offering more choices. You can replace the control panels easily, saving your maintenance costs.

Advanced Motor

The powerful and excellent quality motor works smoothly and quietly. It functions with a one-phase connection along with a leakage protection device. So, the machine is reliable and safe to operate. Don’t worry about any short circuit, and do your clay art experiments safely and conveniently.

Beautiful Design

You will enjoy doing your art on this machine. It has beautiful blue colour with an attractive design. The small and compact design will consume less space. Also, the aluminium alloy wheel is anti-corrosion and moves smoothly. The wheel offers a larger space to throw large clay pieces on it.

Great for Beginners

You can use this pottery wheel for various purposes like teaching at school, doing DIY experiments, or professional levels. Even beginners won’t face any difficulty to use the product since it is effortless to operate. So, we suggest trying this excellent machine to satisfy your art requirements.


  • Small size and consumes less space
  • Wide wheel head                          
  • Easy to use
  • A good option for the beginners
  • Smooth rotation


  • The wheel head is a little out of level

Buying Guide    

Without wasting time, let’s have a look at this buying guide. Here we will discuss all the vital features and parts of a pottery wheel. So, you will decide which model suits your budget and requirements. 


The motor is the essential part of a pottery wheel. It ranges from 1/4 – 1 1/2 horsepower. Moreover, there is a size variation in the motors as well. Similarly, the motors are different from one another. So, a larger motor is commonly superior since it’ll handle extra usage & heat with time.

That’s why we suggest going for the largest motor since it is durable and works well in all respects. So, you can say that the size of the motor is essential to consider while purchasing a wheel.

Material and Structure

Another essential part to check is the material and structure of the pottery wheel. Particular wheels feature plastic top & metallic legs. Also, some models have excellent material with beautiful designs. So, while buying a pottery wheel, consider a sturdy, solid, durable structure and material that conveniently handle your art projects.

Splash Pan

Usually, a split plastic pan attached around the wheel saves excessive water. Particular wheels feature bigger splash pots spreading the entire top of the structure. Besides, some pans are detachable & particular ones are integrated, and you can empty them through the drain. After all, the cleaning process of a machine is essential.

Wheel Size

Commonly, you will get a wheels size of 12, 13 or 14 inches on a pottery wheel. Different pottery wheels have different styles and sizes. We suggest going for a wide wheel to do your clay art on a broad surface easily. So, must check the wheel size while purchasing it.

Moreover, make sure that you can remove or replace your wheel head or not. If possible, you can replace the wheel if it causes any issues or creates a grinding sound.

Foot Pedal

Don’t overlook the importance of a foot pedal as well. Although it looks like ordinary speed control, it plays a vital role in its function. Particular pro-level pottery machines feature ultra-responsive foot pedals. Especially for beginners, you must consider an efficient foot pedal.

Particular clay machines feature a movable foot pedal, and others have been fixed. You can place a movable foot pedal according to the side of your choice. Similarly, you can raise it on bricks if you want. Apart from that, you need to check if the pedal is fixed or not.

Two-way Directions

Particular wheels have a handy switch to move the wheel in the opposite direction. So, you can move you allowing your wheel in two-way directions like clockwise & anticlockwise. Make sure to avoid a manual plug to reverse the direction, as this will make you irritated. Similarly, particular wheels don’t have any reversible function and aren’t convenient.

We suggest going for VEVOR Pottery Wheel with Foot Pedal since it moves in two-way directions. Like other models on the list, it is the best pottery wheel for the money.

Leg Extenders

If you buy a wheel, consider a model with leg extenders. Using these leg extenders, you can use your wheel as a tabletop wheel. In this way, you will not get pressure on your back and do your task easily while standing. You can consider the models that feature removable legs to create your wheel as a stand.


Mostly, the wheels come with a warranty of 2 – 10 years. However, excellent quality wheels last for decades. Also, if you use your machine with lots of care, you don’t need to worry about the short warranty. However, the warranty matters if you use it at school where various students will use it.


Another vital factor is the price. If you buy a low priced wheel, it will most likely come with a weak structure and poor quality. Also, your wheel will make lots of sounds, but still, it will do your work. 

Indeed, it depends on the brand you choose. However, excellent quality wheels usually have a price tag of $1,200 to $1,300 and a maximum of about $2.000. So, we suggest spending a few dollars more and not compromising the quality. At least, you will feel happy that you purchased a quality machine worth your money.

If you have a little kid you can check out the best pottery wheels for kids.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which Brent wheel is the best?

The Model C is one of the best Brent pottery wheels. Its wheel head is 14 inches broad. Moreover, it features a 3/4 HP motor, and you can move it in both directions with a button. You can get it for about $1,550.

Q. Why are potters wheels so expensive?

Usually, the higher HP pottery wheels are expensive. The reason is that, while you work with large pieces of clay, the wheel needs to work harder. So, while buying a pottery wheel, make sure to check the wheel power also.

Q. Is it worth buying a pottery wheel?

The professional pottery wheels are the best options for experienced potters who need to work regularly. They are durable, robust, smooth and noiseless. However, the pottery wheels usually are costly, and you can get them for over $1,000.

Q. How long do Brent pottery wheels last?

Brent pottery wheels are solid, reliable & easy to mend. They last 15 – 20 years or above easily even with the heavy usage.

Q. Are pottery wheels loud?

The noise of a pottery wheel depends on the brand and model. Particular models make extra noise than others, and honestly, it’s normal. On the other hand, if you feel a hitting or rumbling sound, it specifies that the machine has an issue.

Q. Is it hard to use a pottery wheel?

With lots of practice regularly, you will become proficient in the techniques of clay art soon. For an expert potter, it is an easy task. However, beginners need to learn and practice more to master the skill.


This article provides you with the top 10 best pottery wheels. Now, you can understand the basic features that are essential in a pottery wheel. So, you can decide on which model suits your requirements and budget.

If you want a small-sized wheel with unique features, we suggest going for the Mophorn Electric Pottery Wheel. Though it is small in size, it offers you all the vital features with a broad surface.

Enjoy your DIY projects! Still, if you want to know something more about the products, feel free to ask us in the comment section below. Our team is always there to respond to you as soon as possible.

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