11 Best Pottery Wheels for Beginners in 2022 – Buying Guide & Reviews

If you are a novice, you can’t find the best pottery wheel for beginners easily. Especially, you need to research a lot on the basic features of a pottery wheel. Moreover, you need to consider the right type of pottery machine that suits your experience level. Honestly, your budget, the area where you want to work, and your needs play an important role.

Our Top Picks

Shimpo VL-Whisper Potters Wheel
Shimpo VL-Whisper Potters Wheel
  • Brushless DC Motor 
  • Electronic Controller
  • Motor is protected from overload
  • 5-year Warranty
Skutt Thomas Stuart Prodigy
Skutt Thomas Stuart Prodigy
  • Durable
  • Powder Coated Frame
  • Powerful Performance
Huanyu Pottery Wheel
Huanyu Pottery Wheel
  • Great Speed Control System
  • Simple Operation& high Efficiency
  • Wide Ranging Usage
  • Thought Removable Design
  • Well-made With Good Quality

For that, we are here to help you find a basic pottery wheel that you can handle easily. We compiled the top 11 of the best pottery wheels for beginners in this article. These reviews will also help you decide on the right product according to your experience and budget.

So, without wasting time, let’s have a look at these products before purchasing one for you.

List Of 11 Best Beginner Pottery Wheels  

Here, we will review 11 of the electric pottery wheel models available on the market. So, let’s put a glance at the features of these products.

Skutt Thomas Stuart ProdigySkutt Thomas Stuart Prodigy
  • Durable
  • Powder Coated Frame
  • Powerful Performance
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Vogvigo Electric Pottery WheelVogvigo Electric Pottery Wheel
  • High Quality
  • Compact structure
  • Dual Motor Technology
  • Safety Design.
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Loyesm Pottery Forming MachineLoyesm Pottery Forming Machine
  • Compact structure
  • Safe
  • Flexible Design
  • Aluminum Wheel Abs & Water Basin
  • Wide Application
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KKTECT Pottery WheelKKTECT Pottery Wheel
  • Waterproof And Sensitive LCD Console
  • 2 Speed Adjustment Methods
  • Detachable Abs Basin
  • Stable And Low Noise
  • Leakage Protection Plug
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Tekchic Pottery Wheel MachineTekchic Pottery Wheel Machine
  • Powerful and Durable
  • Easy Cleanup
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Low Noise
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Shimpo VL-Whisper Potters WheelShimpo VL-Whisper Potters Wheel
  • Brushless DC Motor 
  • Electronic Controller
  • Motor is protected from overload
  • 5-year Warranty
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Huanyu Pottery WheelHuanyu Pottery Wheel
  • Great Speed Control System
  • Simple Operation& high Efficiency
  • Wide Ranging Usage
  • Thought Removable Design
  • Well-made With Good Quality
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CO-Z Electric Pottery WheelCO-Z Electric Pottery Wheel
  • Hands-Free Control
  • Quiet Reversible Moto
  • Wide Application
  • Free Sculpting Tools
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
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Tech-L Pottery WheelTech-L Pottery Wheel
  • Beautiful Appearance
  • Flexible Operation
  • Safety Precautions
  • Wide Application
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VEVOR Pottery WheelVEVOR Pottery Wheel
  • LCD Display Touch Screen
  • Superior Quality
  • Quiet Reversible Motor
  • Steady & Security Operation
  • Complete Sculpting Tools
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ETE ETMATE Electric Pottery MachineETE ETMATE Electric Pottery Machine
  • Gorgeous And Practical
  • Superior Quality
  • Flexible Application
  • Designed For Safety
  • Wide Application
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1. Skutt Thomas Stuart Prodigy Potter’s Wheel – Value For Money


Skutt Thomas Stuart Prodigy wheel is ideal for both professionals and beginners. Moreover, as the model features durable and robust construction, it will last for decades. You can work on it with large clay pieces easily and efficiently.

Robust Construction 

This pottery wheel comes first on our list due to its robust construction, power, functionality, and durability. It has a steel frame and a 1/3 HP motor that works smoothly with the least sound. This model is perfect for beginners as it works slowly, and you don’t need much effort to handle your machine.

Average Weight Capacity

This machine can bear only 75 lbs. weight of clay at a time. It is a smaller load capacity as compared to other models. However, you can take advantage of it as you can’t handle larger clay pieces initially.

Durable Wheel Head

This pottery-making machine features a wheel head made out of aluminum alloy. The wheel is lightweight and moves smoothly. Moreover, it is durable enough to endure the body weight you put on it during the operations. So, enjoy this amazing product and do various clay experiments out of raw mud.

Removable Splash Pan 

The product comes with a removable splash pan with no hole in it. So, when you finish your task, simply remove the pan and clean your machine quickly. Furthermore, it has a plastic tabletop that provides complete water protection. A foot pedal also helps you adjust the speed of your wheel according to your need.


  • Rotates smoothly
  • A great option for beginners
  • Robust construction
  • One-piece splash pan
  • Easy to clean


  • Heavy to move around

2. Vogvigo Electric Pottery Wheel – For Clay Forming Crafts


This electric pottery wheel has a beautiful design, bright color, and amazing features. It is a perfect choice for beginners who want to start learning and play with clay. So, do great experiments with clay and produce unique items.

Large Wheel

Vogvigo pottery making machine features a broad wheel head of 13cm in diameter. Moreover, it has good clay holding effect that helps to do your task easily. You can make various pots such as cups, plates, jugs, and vases out of raw clay. So, enjoy your innovative and fantastic experiments and learn more.

Easy Cleaning

There is a detachable basin attached around the wheel. While using the machine, you will find this removable basin very helpful to clean your wheel. Moreover, this basin helps to keep the extra water splashes in it to avoid lots of mess. After finishing your operation, you can easily remove the basin and clean your machine. 

Dual Motor

The motor provides a reliable operation with smooth movements. It features dual-motor technology with powerful effects while playing with clay. Also, the motor can support large clay pieces such as 1.8 Kg of weight. So, if you want to make larger pots out of clay, your wheel can support this weight easily.

Carving Tools

The product comes with different kinds of carving tools. With these carving tools, you can make designs and shapes on your clay pots. In this way, you will save your budget also. This wheel is perfect for teaching at schools, at the commercial level, or at home. It will satisfy the needs of both beginners and experts.


  • Waterproof LCD touch controls
  • Large surface to work on
  • Smooth rotation
  • Great for the beginners
  • Removable pan with small grids


  • Flimsy foot pedal

3. Loyesm Pottery Forming Machine – For Clay Art Craft with Foot Pedal

Loyesm Pottery Forming Machine

The Loyesm pottery wheel features advanced technology. The equipment used in this machine can fulfill the needs of professional potters and beginners. Also, you can use the product for teaching pottery making to the students at schools.

Fantastic Performance

It functions very well and presents a fantastic performance either at school or at home. The wheel has a compact design, perfect mud shielding, and a compact design. Besides, the wheel spins smoothly with a constant speed. You can adjust the speed according to your requirement.

Safe and Reliable

The machine’s power supply works with a one-phase three-wire outflow safety device. So, it is safe and reliable to use. There is no need to fear any short circuits during the operation. Use your machine safely and focus on your work with this best pottery wheel.

Convenient Foot Pedal

You can do your DIY art projects with hand free practice. It comes with a convenient foot pedal that you can use to adjust the spinning speed and directions. Also, you can change the wheel direction in two ways, clockwise and anticlockwise. The wheel moves while making the least noise.

Removable Basin

The Loyesm pottery wheel features a removable water basin made with ABS material. This basin will help you keep the extra splashes of water and mud in it. So, you will avoid lots of mess during your art tasks. You will find a leakage protection button located at the bottom of your pottery machine.


  • Safe and reliable
  • No fear of short circuits
  • Easy cleaning
  • Convenient foot pedal
  • Adjustable rotation speed


  • It is heavy and you can’t move it easily.

4. KKTECT Pottery Wheel – With LCD Display for Beginners

KKTECT Pottery Wheel

Another excellent pottery forming product on our list is the KKTECT pottery wheel for beginners adults. This machine is a little amazing from other models as it features an LCD to watch the rotation speed. Moreover, if you want to learn pottery, it is the best choice.

Waterproof LCD Display

It features a digital LCD that is waterproof also. While using the machine, you can check the rotation speed and other features on the screen. Moreover, as the display is waterproof, you can touch it to use the functions even with your wet hands. There is a light leakage protection socket on the machine. It will turn off automatically if it faces any possible leakage threat. 

Adjustable Speed

The LCD console helps you to control the rotation speed of your wheel. You can adjust the spinning speed of the wheel according to your need. For that, there is a convenient foot pedal located on the machine. So, you can easily control the movements with your foot pedal during the process. Enjoy your DIY clay art and create amazing items out of clay.

ABS Splash Pan

There is an ABS splash pan around the pottery wheel. So, you can clean your machine conveniently after completing your task. Simply remove the basin and clean it with fresh water when you finish your work. Besides, this basin features a durable material that will last longer. It helps to keep extra water splashes in it to avoid mess.

Rust-Proof Wheel

The spinning wheel on which you throw the clay pieces features aluminum alloy material. You can do your job on this flat surface that is rust-proof. Also, you can clean it effortlessly with a clean cloth. It moves smoothly in two-way directions making the least sound. Moreover, the machine is stable, and there is no fear of slipping while you do your operation.


  • Durable construction
  • Makes least sounds
  • Rust-proof wheel
  • Waterproof LCD  
  • No fear of short circuit


  • Not any

5. Tekchic Pottery Wheel Machine – For Clay Art with Foot Pedal

Tekchic Pottery Wheel Machine

Tekchic pottery forming wheel features a durable structure with excellent functions. Even beginners can operate it easily as the machine has simple functions. Moreover, you can do your clay art projects either at home or commercially with this product.

Quiet Operations 

As the machine works smoothly and makes the least sound, you can do your job conveniently. The wheel moves in stable and non-shaky rotations. It helps you to center quickly and easily. Moreover, you can accurately select the rotational speed according to your need. It helps you throw your clay and shape it as you want to shape it. 

Easy to Clean

You will see a detachable basin around your pottery wheel. It helps to keep water splashes and clay in it. So, you will avoid lots of mess while doing your task. Besides, the basin features durable and excellent material. When you end your task, simply open the basin and remove it from your machine to clean it.

Large Surface

The wheel is large such as 9.8 inches. So, there is a broad surface to play with your clay and create amazing items out of the mud. Do your DIY projects and enjoy innovative experiments. You can use it at home, school teaching, or commercial level. It comes with carving tools to shape and design your pots.

Convenient Foot Pedal

There is a foot pedal on the machine to operate the rotation speed. You can adjust the spinning directions with this foot pedal. So, change the directions clockwise or anticlockwise according to your requirements. Furthermore, the machine is safe to use without fear of short circuits. It is also the best option to give your loved ones as a gift.


  • Hand-free operations
  • Easy cleaning
  • Large surface to work on
  • Durable construction
  • Two-way rotations


  • Heavy

6. Shimpo VL-Whisper Pottery Wheel – Best Quality

Shimpo VL-Whisper Pottery Wheel

Shimpo VL-Whisper is the most excellent pottery wheel with fantastic features. While using this wheel, you will find it the best product available on the market to make pottery. Moreover, if you are a beginner, it is an ideal product for you.

 Powerful Motor

It features a powerful DC motor that moves the wheel with magnets. As a result, it rotates smoothly and quietly in two-way directions. Also, it doesn’t use any belt to spin like other pottery wheels. So, it moves gently, making the least sound. Besides, it rotates instantly; that’s why; most potters love to use this model for their projects.

Table Top Wheel

You can make lots of amazing clay items with this fantastic clay machine. You can use the option to remove its legs and use it as a tabletop wheel. You will feel it convenient to do your clay art while standing. Therefore, you will not put force on your back during your operations. Even beginners can operate it easily.

Tripod Style Base

The base of this pottery wheel has a design like a tripod. Moreover, it has a plastic top made with durable material. You will get a broad surface for your DIY clay tasks as a large wheel head. The wheel is 14 inches in size that is larger than other models. Furthermore, the wheel spins in two-way directions such as clockwise and anticlockwise.

Removable Splash Pan

There is a wide splash pan around the wheel to keep the splashes of dirty water and mud in it. While you do your art it will keep all the mess in it, and your surroundings will be neat and clean. Once you finish your task, remove the pan and clean your machine. Also, the machine features a convenient foot pedal to control the functions. 


  • Quiet Motor
  • Removable legs to use as a tabletop
  • Easy cleaning
  • Convenient foot pedal
  • An ideal product for beginners


  • Expensive, according to some users

7. Huanyu Pottery Wheel with Foot Pedal – For Ceramic Art

Huanyu Pottery Wheel with Foot Pedal

Huanyu pottery machine is one of the best pottery wheels for beginners. Since it features an LCD, you can watch the spinning speed all the time on the screen. If you want to start your ceramic art journey, this model is one of the finest options.

Adjustable Speed

You can control the wheel’s rotation speed with the convenient foot pedal. Also, you will find a forward and reverse button located on the machine. You can use this button to move your wheel in two-way directions according to your need. Similarly, even beginners will find it easy to center the clay with this machine. 

LCD Touch Screen

An LCD touch display on the machine is very easy and convenient to operate. Also, it has an ABS basin around the wheel that will not get scratches if it falls. The basin is easy to remove and easy to assemble again. You can remove it after finishing your work and clean your machine with water.

Quiet Motor

The machine is durable & scratch-proof. It features a quiet and powerful motor that moves the wheel smoothly and faster. Also, the motor is durable and makes the least noise while you do your operations. If your take good care of your wheel, it will last for decades. So, enjoy your DIY experiments and create amazing things with clay. 

Multiple Usages

You can use this pottery wheel for adults as teaching at schools, home purposes, or for pottery bars. Moreover, the adults and the kids can also use this machine easily. All the functions are easy to use, and you can clean them easily with less effort. You can use it safely without fear of short circuits.


  • Easy functions
  • Safe and reliable to use
  • Creates less noise
  • Powerful motor
  • Perfect for beginners 


  • Too heavy to move around

8. CO-Z Electric Pottery Wheel – For Beginners and Professionals

CO-Z Electric Pottery Wheel

This pottery wheel comes with a large surface to work with ceramic projects. Moreover, it is a small machine that consumes less space and presents excellent performance. So, you can make large clay pots and satisfy your enthusiasm for DIY art with mud.

Small Size

While using this machine, you will enjoy your amazing experiments with clay. As the product is small in size, you can put it anywhere you want. It consumes less space, and you can move it around easily. Also, the product comes, including lots of carving tools. These tools are helpful to shape and design your clay pots.

Large Wheel

It features a large wheel of 10 inches in diameter size. Therefore, you can handle larger clay pieces on this broad surface. Moreover, you can make different clay items such as plates, vases, cups, and much more with clay. The wheel moves in reverse and forward directions, making it easy to adjust its speed. 

Attached Pan

A large pan around the wheel will help you store water and mud splashes in it. Similarly, you will avoid lots of mess and keep surrounding neat and clean. Since the pan is removable, you can detach it after completing your work and cleaning the machine.

Hand Free & Manual Controls

It features a convenient foot pedal on the machine. You can control the wheel’s rotational speed using this foot pedal according to your choice. Furthermore, the foot pedal will help work with both your hands while adjusting the speed. So, enjoy the hand-free experience or use the control knob to operate the functions.

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  • Forward and reverse rotations
  • Adjustable speed
  • Hand free and manual controls
  • Economical
  • Safe and durable


  • Not any

9. Tech-L Pottery Wheel – With Pedal for Ceramic Work

Tech-L Pottery Wheel

Tech-L is a professional pottery wheel and one of the best options for experts and beginners. You can enjoy your clay art experiments either at school, home, or your studio. So, start making various clay pots out of the mud with this amazing machine.

Smooth Rotations

It features an aluminum alloy wheel that is rust-proof. It moves smoothly, making less noise in two-way directions. You can switch the rotation to clockwise or counterclockwise according to your need. It is easy to throw the clay and center it on the wheel. Moreover, the machine has a durable structure that will last longer. 

Safe and Reliable

This excellent pottery machine is perfect to use for school teaching. It adopts a one-phase three-wire connection and features a leakage safety device. So, the machine is safe and reliable to use. You can focus on your task without any danger of a short circuit. Also, the kids will love to do different clay experiments on it.

Beautiful Design

The Tech-L pottery wheel has a compact and beautiful design. Also, it is small in size and takes less space. So, enjoy your little machine at home or outdoor and do DIY projects out of clay. You can make lots of pots like cups, vases, plates and much more.

Removable Splash Pan

The machine comes with a convenient foot pedal and a removable basin. The foot pedal will help to control different functions like speed and rotations. You need to operate the foot pedal while working with both hands. Also, the basin will help to store water splashes in it to make your surroundings clean.


  • Forward and reverse rotations
  • Adjustable speed
  • Easy to clean
  • Works well
  • Small size


  • The construction isn’t up to the mark

10. VEVOR Pottery Wheel – With LCD Touch Display for Beginners


The Vevor is another excellent product that we added to our list of the best pottery wheels for beginners. It has advanced technology and unique features. If you are new to ceramic art, this product won’t disappoint you at all.

Active Operations

There is a foot pedal on the machine to adjust the rotational speeds of the wheel. This pedal is convenient to use and offers extra active operations. You can operate the pedal while working with both hands. Also, you can shift the directions of the wheel as you want. So, you will experience hand-free tasks and focus on your work.

Smart LCD Screen

This model features an LCD touch display that helps to operate the functions. Moreover, you can control the speed rotations of the wheel during your tasks. The touch screen is waterproof, and you can touch it even with your wet hands and use the functions. It works with a leakage protection device. So, it is safe and reliable. 

Large Wheel

You can make big pots like plates, cups, vases, and many more items out of the mud. Since the wheel is large, it is easy to throw larger clay pieces on it. Furthermore, the machine is the best option to teach pottery at school and home pottery. So, enjoy this large aluminum wheel that will not rust or wear out soon. 

Detachable Pan

There is a removable splash pan around the pottery wheel. This pan helps store lots of dirty water and splashes of mud in it. So, when you finish your work, simply detach the pan and wash it with water. In this way, you can clean your machine easily and keep your surroundings tidy.


  • LCD touch screen
  • Easy cleaning
  • Large surface to work
  • Two-way spinning
  • Safe to use


  • The foot pedal has a short cord

11. ETE ETMATE Electric Pottery Machine – For Clay Art

ETE ETMATE Electric Pottery Machine

Last but not least product that comes on our list of the best pottery wheels for beginners is ETE ETMATE. If you are a beginner and want to learn pottery making, check this product. It is also an excellent wheel with unique features.

Large Plate

This certified pottery machine features a large plate to play with clay. The plate has a size of 9.8 inches in diameter. It spins in reverse and forward directions, and you can switch the directions conveniently. So, you can make lots of beautiful pots like cups, vases, plates, and many more items with clay.

Excellent Performance

The machine features a powerful and quiet motor that smoothly makes less noise. Moreover, it is safe and reliable to use as it uses a three-wire connection and a leakage safety device. So, you don’t need to worry about short circuits.

ABS Basin

The product comes with a removable ABS splash pan. Its material is good and rust-proof. You can remove the basin and clean your machine when you finish your work. In this way, you will avoid much mess and keep your surroundings clean.

Carving Tools

You will get a set of carving tools with your pottery wheel. These tools will help shape your pots and design your clay pots. So, you can start making designs on your pots right away. This model is a perfect option for teaching at school, home, or commercial.


  • The wheel moves making less noise
  • Two-way rotations
  • Easy to clean
  • Safe to use
  • The best option for beginners


  • Shaky wheel head

Buyer’s Guide

This buying guide will tell you the most vital aspects to consider while purchasing a pottery wheel. Especially if you are a beginner, these guidelines will help you a lot.

Electric Pottery Wheels

It is a great idea to buy an electric pottery wheel if you want to use it at home. These types of wheels aren’t difficult to use and control for beginners. It is convenient to move them around easily for home pottery purposes because of their compact size. Also, you can center the clay easily on them as they are small in size.

You will find lots of sizes, models, and styles of electric pottery wheels available on the market. There are little tabletop wheels or fully equipped with work surfaces and splash pans. If you use your wheel carefully and keep maintenance, it lasts up to one decade or more.

Wheel Head

It is the revolving component of an electric wheel, and it shapes your clay in beautiful pottery items. While purchasing a pottery wheel must check the size of the wheel head. On a large wheel head, you can throw larger pieces of clay easily and make large pots.

Similarly, if you want to make pots with larger bases, a larger wheel head will help easily. We suggest going for a wheel head at least 14 inches in diameter to make large pots.

Bat Pins

Occasionally, a metallic wheel head doesn’t work for the project you want to complete. So, you need to fasten ‘bats’ on the wheel. Bats are extra plates attached on pins on the wheel head. Normally, wheel heads have usual pin shapes. However, must check them before purchasing a specific wheel.


The motor is the most vital part of a pottery wheel. It provides power to the wheel to move. So, before buying a wheel, check the HP & the centering capability of the wheel. In the case of small clay pieces, one-half HP is more than enough. Similarly, for larger clay pieces, one HP or more is sufficient.

Apart from that, check the bulk of clay you want to play with. If a motor features greater power, it can endure around 400 pounds of clay. Similarly, a normal powered motor will accept up to 50 pounds. However, for beginners, 50 pounds of clay is sufficient to play.

Two-Way Rotation  

Currently, you can find electric wheels that have two-way rotations. So, you can change the revolving direction of the wheel according to your need. Do check the reversibility feature of a pottery wheel before purchasing it. You will find it helpful while creating amazing designs & patterns.

Types of Wheel

You can find a pottery wheel in two types: seated or a tabletop.

Tabletop Wheels      

Tabletop wheels are lightweight, compact, and easy to move around. Moreover, you can easily place them on your table and do your art projects. Also, because of their compact size, they consume less space.

Seated Wheels

On the other hand, there is a table attached to the table on seated wheels. So, all you need to do is place a chair near your wheel and start working on it. If you want to avoid your feet working too much, go for a tabletop wheel. Furthermore, they feature a foot pedal that you press accordingly to move the wheel smoothly.

Splash Pan

Particular pottery wheels have splash pans around the wheel. They help to keep the extra water and clay in them. So, we suggest finding a wheel with splash pans as they keep your surroundings clean and out of the mess. However, it’s not difficult to make your DIY splash pans. Put a big dish that has high edges under your pottery wheel.

If you are a beginner, using a pottery wheel with splash pans attached to it is comfortable. In this way, you can focus on your work without worrying about the mess of clay. Also, once you finish your work, simply remove the splash pan and clean your machine without too much effort. 


Another important factor is your budget. Once you check all the vital features of a pottery wheel, you should consider your budget now. A great quality electric wheel comes in around $400 to $1500. A pottery wheel that can bear higher weight capacity, have more HP, and works smoothly can cost you more. Accordingly, its construction will be extra robust compared to a low-priced wheel.

Even if you are a beginner, you need to invest in a high-quality wheel. In this way, you can make great quality pottery and have a durable machine that lasts for decades.


Normally, particular pottery wheels have at least a two-year warranty. However, others have pretty longer warranties. It is always wise going for long period warranties.


Kick-wheels are normally big in size and weighty also. Similarly, you can’t move them easily once you place them somewhere. So, firstly, decide where you want to put these heavy-weight wheels and then start working on them.

Although they don’t need electricity to work, you need to use your legs for that reason. According to some potters, it’s a soothing & relaxing exercise of muscles, but you can suffer from knee problems also. Moreover, while using kick-wheels, you need to make tiresome & continuous motions that can be irritating. 

On the other hand, kick-wheels are reliable and long-lasting. They don’t require too much maintenance and continue for decades. Also, particular kick wheels have attached motors that help move the wheel at a proper speed.

This buying guide tells you the vital aspects you need to consider before buying the best pottery wheel for beginners. Now, you can decide and select one of these preferences according to your budget and requirements.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the best pottery wheel for beginners?

For beginners, the “Speedball Artista Pottery Wheel” is the best option to get started with. This model features a 1/3 HP motor that works quietly and smoothly. You can get it for about $400.00, and it is a great asset for a beginner in the pottery-making business.

Q. What should I look for when buying a pottery wheel?

If you are going to buy a used pottery machine, you must check particular parts of it:
The plug should look satisfactory.
There shouldn’t be any burn marks or dents on the machine.
The plug should feature three points.
The cord should function correctly.

Q. What is a kick wheel for pottery?

Using kick-wheels, you connect more with your clay. For that, you need to do the entire task with your hands & feet. It is the alternative to modern technology. Also, it is more difficult to learn since you need to have command on the consistent speed. Pushing your hands and feet is also very important.

Q. Is there money in making pottery?

In the beginning, the earning starts slowly. However, when you become an expert in your job, you will earn a high income. Normally, most potters making pottery in their studios earn from $20 – $50 per hour.

Q. How long does it take to get good at pottery?

Honestly, even the experienced potters are still learning advanced pottery-making techniques. On the other hand, you can learn the basics in a few hours. It all depends on your determination and lots of practice.

Q. How powerful should a pottery wheel be?

If you want to throw small clay pieces, a One-half HP is enough. Similarly, you can consider more horsepower if you want to do your job with larger clay pieces.

Q. Is throwing pottery hard?

You will find it difficult to throw on the pottery wheel at the start. Truly, the professional potter says, the first 10,000 pots you throw prepare you to start.

Q. Can I keep a pottery wheel outside?

Yes, you can locate your pottery studio on a patio, in your garage, or even on your car porch. Also, in the pleasant weather, you will enjoy your task in the open air.

Q. How much money do you make as a potter?

In the USA, the potters normally earn about $16.42 in one hour while making clay pots in their studios.


In this article, we provided you the detailed information about the best pottery wheels for beginners. We reviewed the top 11 of the products, and now you can make a knowledgeable decision and get one of them for yourself.

As a beginner, you need to consider a solid, durable, and robust pottery wheel according to your experience level. You won’t be able to handle a fast-moving and bigger wheel. So, make sure to get a basic wheel on which you can handle small clay pieces to start learning.

If you want to ask anything more about the products, please ask us in the comment section below. Our team is always there to respond to you as soon as possible.

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