7 Best Pottery Wheels for Kids of 2023- Reviews & Buying Guide

If you are searching for the best pottery wheel for kids, this is the right place to go through. A pottery wheel is a perfect thing to let your little ones engage in while sitting at home. Not only can they explore their creativity but also do wonderful DIY art experiences. So, getting a kids pottery wheel will help you shift your child’s attention from coloring on walls to creating pottery.


Moreover, you can involve your child in practical experiments with a minor investment. They will love to enjoy the smooth rotation of clay around the pottery wheel and relax their minds.

Our Top 3 Picks

Cool Maker Clay Pottery Wheel
  • It’s easy to sculpt
  • Customize Your Designs
  • Cool Maker Pottery Studio is for ages 6+
  • Everything Is Included
  • Integrated Arm
  • 2-speed Electric Motor
  •  Kid-friendly Instructions 
  • High-quality Toys 
Faber-Castell Kids Pottery Wheel Kit
  • Kids Pottery Wheel
  • Complete Pottery Kit 
  • Create With Clay
  • Easy And Fun

However, the online market is full of excellent pottery wheels, and you will find it challenging to choose one of them. Don’t worry; here we have compiled a list of 7 best pottery wheels. So, you can have a look at them and select the right pottery wheel for your kid. 

7 of the Best Pottery Wheels for Kids

Here we are going to review 7 of the excellent pottery wheel models. So, without wasting time, let’s check their specifications & features. These reviews will help you make a knowledgeable decision before going to purchase a wheel.

Cool Maker Clay Pottery Wheel

Cool Maker Clay Pottery Wheel

  • It’s easy to sculpt
  • Customize Your Designs
  • The Cool Maker Pottery Studio is for ages 6+
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  • Everything Is Included
  • Integrated Arm Tools
  • 2-speed Electric Motor 
  • Kid-friendly Instructions 
  • High-quality Toys 
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Faber-Castell Kids Pottery Wheel Kit

Faber-Castell Kids Pottery Wheel Kit

  • Kids Pottery Wheel
  • Complete Pottery Kit 
  • Pottery Wheel For Kids 
  • Create With Clay
  • Easy And Fun
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MindWare Pottery Wheel

MindWare Pottery Wheel

  • Create a Crafty Side
  • Doable and Durable
  • Excellent Features
  • Show Your Artistic Side
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KKTECT Mini Pottery Wheel

KKTECT Mini Pottery Wheel

  • Multiple Tools
  • Art & Mini Size
  • Highlight Features
  • Quality Material
  • Widely Use
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TWSOUL Mini Electric Pottery Wheel

TWSOUL Mini Electric Pottery Wheel

  • High-Quality Material
  • Removable Abs Basin
  • Strong Motor & Low Noise
  • Widely Use
  • Combining Art & Mini Size
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LCD Pottery Wheel

LCD Pottery Wheel

  • Aluminum Alloy Turntable
  • Safety Protection & Low Noise
  • LCD Waterproof Scree
  • Great For Home & Classes
  • 90 Days Guarantee
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1. Cool Maker Clay Pottery Wheel – For Kids 6 years & Up

Cool Maker Clay Pottery Wheel

First on our list of kids pottery wheels comes the Cool Maker Clay Pottery wheel. It is an advanced wheel with fantastic features, and kids will enjoy their art experiments on it. Moreover, it will make their art projects easy and entertaining.

Good Performance

Cool Maker pottery wheel presents a good performance during the clay art tasks. Your child won’t feel it difficult to use. He needs to throw a small piece of clay on the wheel head. He will sprinkle water on the clay to shape it into unique items.

Multiple Carving Tools

It features a unique design that will attract the kids to do their DIY art projects. Apart from that, it comes, including several carving tools and five beautiful colored paints. That’s why; the child can create a fantastic look of his art piece right there. So, the user will enjoy making different art items like a pencil holder, an ornaments plate & lots of other beautiful items.

Perfect for Ages 6 & up

This excellent pottery will suit the best for a child aged six years or more. Furthermore, you can operate this wheel with 4 C batteries, but you need to purchase the batteries separately. So, if you want to give a birthday gift to your child, it is the perfect option to consider.

Included Accessories

When you buy the Cool Maker Pottery machine, you will get these accessories:

  • One Spray Bottle
  • Three Clay Discs
  • One Tool Holder
  • One Paint Brush
  • Two Coring Tools
  • Two Sculpting Tools
  • Two Cores
  • Five Colors of Paint
  • Two Sleeves
  • One Playbook Training Guide

So, you can see that this excellent pottery wheel comes with all the necessary items that you can need. So, go ahead and try this latest and innovative wheel to let your child create new things.


  • An excellent wheel to enjoy pottery
  • Perfect for ages six and up
  • An ideal option to engage your kids
  • Good item to give as a gift


  • Works with 4 C batteries that aren’t included

2. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Kid’s Pottery Wheel – For Clay Art


Next is the National Geographic pottery machine on our list of the best pottery wheels for kids. It is the Explorer Series pottery wheel set on which both beginners & kids will love to do clay art. Moreover, it offers the artistic adventure of painting, throwing & designing on pottery.

Electric Motor

It is an electric pottery machine that works with AC adopter. The battery-powered wheels occasionally slow down during the operation. However, this electric wheel moves well while you play with clay. You don’t need to assemble it before starting your task since it comes assembled. The motor is powerful enough to handle the clay pieces. So, the wheel moves smoothly and gently.

Including Accessories

The National Geographic is a STEAM pottery wheel. You will get lots of accessories that help the kids to do their DIY projects conveniently. So, these accessories include:

  • An advanced arm tool that features shaping, opening & centering connections
  • Wire device
  • An apron
  • A sponge
  • Three carving tools
  • Six paint colors with palette and brush
  • A comprehensive instruction guide

Attached Arm Tool

For the convenience of kids and beginners, it features an attached arm tool. This feature helps you a lot while you make different art items. Moreover, it makes your DIY projects even more effortless and enjoyable. The tool has three parts: to center, open, & shape the clay. Besides, you don’t need to fire or bake your clay pots. Once the pots dry, you can start painting or shaping them with carving tools.

Instruction Guide 

The pottery wheel comes with an informative instruction guide. Also, in the book, you will get the links to video lessons that tell your kid the process of pottery making. So, go ahead and try this latest pottery wheel to introduce your child to a creative world of pottery making. Your kids will enjoy making different pots like a small cup, a pencil holder, and much more.


  • The two-speed electric powered motor
  • Lots of included accessories
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Convenient and removable arm tool


  • Tiny wheel head

3. Faber-Castell Kids Pottery Wheel Kit – For Beginners and Ages 8 & up

Faber-Castell Kids Pottery Wheel

Faber Castle is a great quality pottery wheel with fantastic features. Both kids and beginners will love to do art experiments while playing with clay. Moreover, the machine features kid-friendly construction that will make their experience enjoyable. So, try this great wheel to let your child have fun with his friends and family.

Perfect for Beginners

It is the best option for your children and beginners. The kids will enjoy designing, shaping, and painting the clay to make different pots. Moreover, the wheel comes with all the tools you need during the clay tasks. Start your operation while playing with wet clay and use your imagination. Once you create your pots, you will love to see your pots made by yourselves.

Included Accessories

It is an innovative gift for your child to make him busy in some creative activity. So, the child learns more and more exciting things while doing different experiments. Furthermore, with this pottery wheel for kids, you will get various accessories to help your child do art projects. These accessories are:

  • White base paint
  • Three pounds of regular clay
  • Muddy acrylic paint

Also, the child will get to know all the necessary instructions in the included book. These guidelines will help to learn various pottery skills.

Battery-Powered or USB Operation 

Apart from all these specifications, this children’s pottery wheel features a battery-powered or a USB wire operation. So, you can use it according to your preference. You will see an On/Off button on the wheel that helps control the pottery machine. Also, the batteries need 3 C batteries that you need to purchase as they don’t come with the machine. You can select the two-rotation speeds as you require.

Excellent Performance 

The wheel spins without making noise while holding clay. It offers excellent performance with stable & strong power. So, your kid can create different art items and show his imagination and creativity. Kids will love to make a variety of pots like cups, mugs, small dishes, pencil holders, and much more. Furthermore, when you are done with your pottery-making task, allow the items to dry and then start painting them.


  • Fun project for kids and adults
  • Great for kids aged 8 & up
  • Excellent performance
  • Two operating systems


  • Included clay is very sticky

4. MindWare Pottery Wheel – For Kids with Air-Dry Clay

MindWare Pottery Wheel

Pottery making is a fantastic hobby to introduce to your children while sitting at home. So, the MindWare pottery wheel is a perfect option to get started with. It is easy to operate, and your kids will love to do new experiments while playing with clay. 

Durable Material

This children pottery wheel features durable and robust construction. It is one of the most solid pottery machines for kids available on the market. Moreover, the wheel is easy to operate, and kids will love clay art. It makes the pottery-making operation an enjoyable process. Besides, it comes with air-dry clay so, you can let your kids play with clay without worries.

Safe and Reliable

This pottery wheel has a safety stop function that is very vital and keeps your children safe. Instead of batteries, you can operate it with an AC adapter. If there is intense pressure on the motor, this feature will stop the motor from spinning. So, in this way, the motor won’t become overheated, and you can avoid the chances of its damage.

12 Paints Included 

If your child wants to start learning pottery making, the Mindware pottery wheel is ideal. Kids can start making mugs, dishes, vases, sculptures, and many more items with clay. Apart from that, this ceramic machine comes, including twelve paints. So, children will enjoy designing their creations with beautiful colors right away. 

Additional Accessories

With this pottery wheel, you will get particular additional accessories to help you do your operations quickly. These accessories are as follows: 

  • A pedal
  • An AC adaptor
  • Two pounds of air-dry clay
  • Five carving tools
  • Paintbrush
  • Twelve colors of paints
  • Instructions guide

Indeed, left-handed arts are not easy to do. However, it lets your left-handed kid make clay pots as it features a button to change the speed and direction. So, the MindWare pottery-making machine is excellent for your child aged seven and up. 


  • Left-handed operating option
  • Instruction book to learn the features
  • Great for kids aged seven and up
  • Safety stop feature


  • Noisy

5. KKTECT Mini Pottery Wheel – For Kids with Two Turntables

KKTECT Mini Pottery Wheel

KKTECT Mini pottery wheel works well to make clay pots and creates your art entertaining. Kids can learn to throw, shape, and mold the clay easily while using this excellent wheel. Moreover, if you want to teach pottery at school or your studio, it is an ideal option. Both kids and adults will love to do their art experiments while playing with clay.

Small Size 

This fantastic mini pottery machine has a tiny size. So, you can take it with you wherever you want or put it anywhere. Besides, it consumes less space, and you can carry it around easily. While using this pottery wheel, you can develop your child’s creativity and artistic skills. Moreover, you will improve the parent-child interaction while engaging your child in art tasks.

 Carving Tools 

The pottery wheel comes with two wheels of different sizes: one small and one large. So, kids will enjoy making DIY art projects of various sizes. Moreover, you will get eight carving tools with this beautiful machine. Once you make your clay pots, start decorating them with carving tools right away. The machine is available in two striking colors: red & gold.

Smooth Rotation

KKTECT mini pottery wheel features an aluminum alloy wheel that is anti-rust. It moves smoothly and gently without making too much noise. So, you won’t face loud noise during the art operations. Moreover, the wheel spins in a stable rotation making your art experiments excellent.

Powerful Motor 

It features a powerful motor that rotates the wheel smoothly and quietly. You can adjust the speed according to your needs with a handy switch. It is easy to make different art pieces on this fantastic wheel. Similarly, this machine is easy to use, so both kids and adults can operate it efficiently. There is a leakage protection button for your kids’ safety. So, it is safe and reliable to use.


  • Safe and reliable to use
  • No fear of short circuits
  • Smooth rotations
  • Consumes less space
  • Adjustable speed


  • The wheel vibrates while at full speed

6. TWSOUL Mini Electric Pottery Wheel – With Removable Basin for Kids

TWSOUL Mini Electric Pottery Wheel

TWSOUL electric pottery wheel is another small size machine for kids. It is ideal for teaching pottery at schools or your DIY shop. Moreover, both kids and adults will love to do clay art experiments with this machine. Learning to throw, shape, and design clay pots with creativity is excellent.

Great Quality Material

This small size machine features excellent quality material with fantastic construction. It comes with an aluminum alloy wheel that will never rust. It spins while making the slightest noise. So, you won’t suffer from loud noise during your art operations. Moreover, the metallic body makes it durable and robust. The product comes with eight carving tools to design and shape the pottery items.

Detachable ABS Bowl

There is a detachable bowl around the wheel. It helps to store the extra water splashes and mud to avoid mess. Once you finish your work, you can easily remove the bowl and clean it with water. Moreover, the ABS basin helps to keep your surroundings neat, clean, and tidy.  

Powerful Motor

The machine features a robust and excellent quality motor that allows the wheel to spin smoothly. You can adjust the rotational speed according to your need. All the functions are easy to operate. So, kids won’t feel difficult to control the functions under someone’s supervision.

Beautiful Appearance

Apart from that, the machine has a beautiful design and appearance. It adopts an AC adopter to run the machine. Furthermore, you can find it in three fantastic colors: blue, red & yellow. So, choose the color according to your child’s preference. Let your kid enjoy innovative and fantastic art experiments while playing with raw clay. It can become an excellent parent-child activity while spending creative time with each other.


  • Powerful motor
  • Small size consumes less space
  • Available in three beautiful colors
  • Easy to operate functions
  • An ideal starter wheel 


  • Not any

7. LCD Pottery Wheel – for Kids with Convenient Foot Pedal 

LCD Pottery Wheel

Last on our list of the best pottery wheels for kids comes the LCD pottery machine from H HUKOER. It features terrific functions with an LCD screen. Moreover, it is safe and reliable to use. Both beginners and professionals can operate the functions efficiently.

Aluminum Alloy Wheel

The most vital part of a pottery machine is its wheel that spins, and you make clay pots on it. So, it features an aluminum alloy wheel that will not rust easily. Moreover, it spins in a stable rotation without making much noise. You can adjust the speed of the wheel easily according to your need. So, try this fantastic pottery machine to make different art pieces like cups, pots, dishes, and vases.

Removable Basin

The machine comes with a removable basin that helps to keep the water and mud splashes in it. Also, after finishing your work, you can remove the basin and clean the machine. So, you can avoid lots of mess in your surroundings. Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about dirty water entering the fuselage.

LCD Touch Screen

There is an LCD screen on the machine to manage and control different functions. So, you can control the wheel speed and watch the speed throughout the operation. Also, the LCD feature is easy to use and control even by your kids. The foot pedal is responsive, and you can control the speed while both your hands are busy. Similarly, the LCD screen is waterproof, and you can touch it even with your wet hands.

Safety Protection Device

It adopts a one-phase and three-wire connection with an earth leakage safety device. So, the machine is safe & reliable to use. Your kids can use it without fear of any short circuits. Moreover, the excellent quality motor moves the wheel smoothly and quietly. So, you can focus on your work during art experiments. While using this pottery wheel, kids can develop their creativity while playing with raw clay.


  • Waterproof LCD screen
  • The wheel rotates smoothly
  • Easy operation
  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect beginner wheel


  • The wheel has a rough surface

Buyer’s Guide

There are some critical factors that you must consider before going to shop for a pottery wheel for your little one.

Kid’s Age

You will find the pottery wheels for various age categories on the online market. So, you need to consider your child’s age. We suggest going for a simple pottery wheel if you have a younger kid. However, you can choose a wide-ranging model for your grown-up child.

Honestly, nobody likes to spend money on expensive models when your kid is just starting his hobby with a pottery wheel. Moreover, decide whether you want to buy an electric wheel or a battery-operated one according to your child’s age.

Similarly, age matters a lot when choosing a wheel that comes with several small pieces. Your child can put these pieces in his mouth and choke on them. Also, if you buy a model that is difficult to operate, your kid can lose interest in it.

Power System

The power system that helps to spin the wheel is essential too. Different wheels come with different power systems such as batter-operated or models with AC adopter. So, a wheel that works with an AC adopter is suitable to put near the power socket. So, firstly, decide the place where you want to put your kids pottery wheel.

On the other hand, if you want to have a battery-operated wheel, it is more portable, and you can put it anywhere. Also, it would help if you considered whether your child is convenient with a switch-operated wheel or pedal-operated.

Wheel Rotation 

It is another vital feature to check in a pottery wheel. When your kid starts learning pottery, he can’t handle the rotation of the wheel too fast. So, check the number of wheel rotations before buying it. If the child can’t handle the rotation speed, the art piece will fall, and he will feel disappointed.

Similarly, if the wheel spins very slowly, it is a problem too. In this case, the child won’t get the proper clay form that he wants. So, make sure to buy a wheel that comes with an adjustable speed.


A pottery wheel is a machine on which your kid will play with clay and other ingredients. So, you need to check if the clay he uses is not harmful and safe to play with. Moreover, it is essential to see the power system if you buy an electric pottery wheel. It should have a leakage protection device so that your child can use it without fear of any short circuit.

Furthermore, particular pottery wheels come with a pressure safety option. It is the most vital feature of a wheel. Your child can’t calculate the pressure power of the wheel, and too much power will damage the wheel. Keep in mind that when you let your child use a machine, your child’s safety is your priority.

So, make sure to buy a model that comes with a severe pressure protection switch. If the pressure rises too much in these models, this feature will switch off the motor. Consequently, you can save your child from any risks. So, these types of wheels are safe and reliable to use.

Operating System

You can’t overlook the significance of the operating system of a wheel also. You can find two types of pottery wheels available on the market: operated with a foot pedal or with buttons. Typically, a foot pedal is more comfortable than buttons. While both hands are busy forming the clay into art pieces, how can you touch buttons with your dirty hands?

Your child will conveniently adjust the wheel speed using a foot pedal in this situation. Moreover, it doesn’t need any additional setting to use a foot pedal. However, the buttons are reachable, but you can’t use them conveniently during the operation. 

Similarly, the pottery wheels with foot pedals are more costly. However, they are more comfortable also.

Waterproof Material

A pottery wheel is a machine that you have to keep wet during operations. You need water throughout your art projects to make the clay wet to transform it into pots. Therefore, it is essential to check if the material of your wheel and the inner parts are waterproof or not.

Ensure to get a waterproof material since if the motor isn’t water-resistant; it will be damaged by water. Besides, the electric elements can cause electric shocks to your child, which is very dangerous.


If you want a wheel for your kid, make sure to check; it should not be too heavy. A lightweight wheel is easy to move around. So, if it is a battery-operated model, you can charge it on the go.


You also need to consider your budget while you want to have a pottery wheel for your child. We suggest going for an option with a reasonable price and more specifications. As we listed the excellent models here, you can choose one of them that suits your budget and needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What kind of clay do you use for the Kids pottery wheel?

Standard clay is perfect to use for kids pottery work. You can find it in various colors, dark brown to white. Just use it for a pottery wheel or hand-building practices. Or, you can use stoneware clay to make pottery of all sizes, like large vases or small cups.

Q. Why is pottery good for kids?

Pottery helps develop motor skills in kids. They engage their hand and fingers muscles to make a relaxing pottery item. Also, their skills get better, and they enjoy doing various DIY art experiences and creating fantastic items.

Q. Can kids pottery?

Yes, pottery is the most artistic activity you can allow your kid to do. Honestly, children are creative naturally. It is helpful for their mental health to let them play with mud and make their hands dirty.

Q. What type of clay is used in schools?

Most schools use earthenware clay to teach pottery at schools. It has a lovely color that helps glaze bright colors on your pots. Besides, you can use terra cotta or red earthenware clay. It’ll become darker as you will fire it higher.

Q. What age can kids play with clay?

We suggest introducing clay to your child while he becomes two years old. The reason is that there are possibilities of particular risks created by dough, just like other toys. 

Q. What do children learn using clay?

Kids improve their unpolished skills and creativity while playing with clay. Moreover, it helps to develop hand & eye harmonization as they use their hand and fingers muscles. So, it is beneficial for children’s mental health also.

Q.  How do you play clay for kids?

Naturally, the clay has a relaxing feel & touch. So, the kids love to press, squeeze and play with it. Also, kids can make lots of little shapes to explore their skills and enjoy creativity.


Now, you have detailed information about the best pottery wheels for kids. We hope you will find the article helpful. Indeed, you can enhance your kids’ entertainment with a pottery wheel. So, out of these preferences, we suggest going for National Geographic Kids Pottery Wheel. It has exceptional features to enhance your child’s interest in learning pottery.

You will love to see your child doing fantastic experiments out of clay. Which one of these models you liked, do tell us in the comment section below. Or you can choose any other model that suits your budget and requirements. Also, if you have any suggestions, feel free to inform us. Our team is always there to respond to you. 

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