How to Fire Clay without Kiln – Beginner’s Guide

Doing the clay art without using a kiln is entertaining and enjoyable. Moreover, it provides a connection to the earth for the artist as well. How to fire clay without kiln isn’t so complicated, and the method is also very easy. For that, you need to have a few logs & some rocks to fire and start your art.

Various types of clays differ according to their ripening temperature. Here we will describe the complete method to fire clay without a kiln. So, keep reading this article to know all about this art.

How to Fire Clay without Kiln

How to Fire Pottery without a Kiln


  • Construct your kiln to make your clay pottery
  • Smoke firing in a trash can
  • Ditch a traditional fire clay

So, you can follow one of these methods to enjoy clay art. However, you need to follow some important guidelines to learn how to fire earthenware clay without a kiln.

Follow the Safety Instructions

Firstly, if you want to fire your clay, you must follow the safety rules. Similarly, you need to have a safe place to fire your clay pottery. This open area should be at least 50 feet away from flammable things like trees, grass, etc.

1. Make a Fine Layer of Burning Coals

To fire them, you need to make a fine layer of burning coals beneath the clay pots. Once preparing your fire, place your clay pots near the fire to warm them up. It will help to remove any leftover moisture from the pots. However, avoid placing the pots on the wet ground since the green pottery picks up moisture from soggy ground.

Make a Fine Layer of Burning Coals

2. Switch the Clay Pots Repeatedly

To make your clay pots heated from everywhere, you need to replace the sides of your pots frequently.

3. Pile the Wood over the Pots

Pile the Wood over the Pots

The next step is to pile the wood on your clay pots and cover them except for little openings.

4. Leave an Exhaust Hole

It is good to leave an exhaust opening on the top of your mound & lots of holes around it. In this way, the wood can acquire sufficient air. After the process is done, it will cool down fast as well. Besides, you will see the coals cooled down and no more flames as well. So, your clay pots will become prepared. 

However, your pots will be very hot, and you can’t touch them with your hands. We suggest you wait for a while and let your pots be cooled down.

6. Trouble Shooting

When you are learning how to bisque fire clay without a kiln, you will face many blunders initially. However, we suggest you enjoy the art. Furthermore, you will see your blunders turn into great ideas also. Make sure not to put the hot pot on a hard surface such as stone or concrete to avoid the pot being cracked.


So, we hope you will find the article helpful. Truly, it is not difficult to know how to fire clay without a kiln at home. You need to understand the basic procedure completely and enjoy the clay art. You can start the procedure by following the guidelines and safety instructions.

Moreover, make sure to do clay art in a wide area to avoid fire explosives and keep water available near you. We hope that now you know how to make ceramics at home without a kiln. Still, if you are confused about the process, feel free to ask us in the comment section below. We are always there to respond to you as soon as possible.   

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