How To Store Pottery Clay

If you are a potter, then you know how a slight change in pottery clay will affect the overall project you are working on. If the clay gets dried or extra moisture, both will be dangerous for your pottery items. Many people made small mistakes while preserving or storing the pottery clay, resulting in huge future losses.

This article is just for you if you don’t know the proper way to store pottery clay. Read this post till the end to learn everything related to the storage of pottery clay.

Methods Of Storing Pottery Clay

1. Store In a Moist Form

Store In a Moist Form

If you want to store your pottery clay in moist form, then the best way is to seal it in thick plastic bags and then store these bags in a plastic container. This will help you keep your clay moist and fresh, which you can use anytime you want. The storage location matters a lot because a too-high or too-low temperature leaves a huge impact on pottery clay.


  • The main plus point of storing pottery clay in moist form is that you can use it anytime you want without spending huge time forming the clay for your project.


  • You have to check the clay repeatedly to ensure it doesn’t get any mould.
  • Make sure that the clay is not drying out.
  • Sometimes the plastic bags also have small holes with time, so you have to check once a week whether the clay is stored correctly or not.

Valuable Tips To Store Pottery Clay In Moist Form:

  • You must get thicker plastic bags that should be sealed properly for better results.
  • Try to use clear storage containers for your pottery, which will help you see whether your clay is in proper form.
  • If the clay is drying out, you should get a spray bottle then fill the mixture in it including water and 20% vinegar. Spray that mixture on the pottery clay; this will help you to keep the clay moist and also maintains the plasticity of pottery clay.
  • Another effective way is to damp a piece of cloth in water and vinegar solution and then place it on the top of pottery clay inside the plastic bag. Seal the bag and leave it for some days. Then remove that cloth and seal the bag again; this will help you keep your clay moist.
  • You can also try another method in which you have to take a round stick and poke holes in the clay. Then pour the mixture, including water and 20% vinegar, into these holes. Then Seal the plastic bag carefully, and after few days you can easily wedge out this clay for better results.
  • If your pottery clay is dried out like a rock, you should take a bucket and fill it with water. Then take the plastic bag, including the dried-out clay, and put water inside the bag. You should put 8 ounces of water for every 10 pounds of pottery clay. After this, seal the plastic bag and place it in the bucket of water. The pressure of the outside water will help the inside water to go back into the clay.  

2. Store In Dry Form

If you have a huge quantity of pottery clay that you will not use for a longer time, then you can store it in dry form. You have to cut the large block of wet clay into small pieces that will help you to rehydrate it quickly. This clay can be stored in plastic bags or a container having a lid. When you need the clay, you can take these pieces and soak them in water. This will help you to get back the moisture of the clay. After this, you can easily wedge the clay and use it for making your pottery items. You should also use a clay mixture to return the plasticity of the pottery clay.


  • Storing the clay in the dry form will help protect it from getting mold.
  • There is no need to check the clay again and again.


  • You have to rehydrate and wedge the clay.
  • You should spend several days rehydrating the clay.
  • A dust mask is necessary to wear when working with dry pottery clay.


This is all about different methods of storing pottery clay. We give you all the necessary details related to storing pottery clay for longer. You can store your clay in dry and moist forms per your needs. To conclude, if you want to store the clay for a short period, you should consider storing it in a moist form. You should think about storing it in dry form if you want to store it for much longer time.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can Pottery Clay Get Mold When We Store It?

Yes, if you store the pottery clay in a moist form without taking preventive measures, it will definitely get mould. The mould grows in the dark place where oxygen, water, and food are present, and the temperature is between 40℉ to 100℉. So, you must store your pottery clay by eliminating the oxygen from the plastic bag.

Can I Store Pottery Clay in the Fridge?

Yes, you can store pottery clay in the refrigerator, and it would not get any harm. But it would get the shape of cold hard clay that you must leave at room temperature and wedge out properly before using.

How Do We Store The Recycled Clay?

You should completely dry out the recycled clay and rehydrate it to get better output. You can also store it for a longer time in the bone-dry state and easily use it when you need it.

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