How to use a pottery wheel – Remarkable Step To Step Guide

Most people love to create various pottery objects as their hobby or for business purposes. They create great vases, bowls, and other fantastic art using clay. To make these things perfectly, you must learn the skills of operating the pottery wheel perfectly.

Beginners always face problems while using the pottery wheel at the start of their journey and make many mistakes that make them annoyed while making different objects. If you are also facing that kind of problem, you are at the right place. Today, we will guide you on operating the poetry wheel using a step-by-step method.

how to use pottery wheel

Essential Steps On How To Use A Pottery Wheel?

If the flat disk attached to the wheel is not smooth and cleaned, it would create hurdles for you. So, the most important thing to keep in your mind is to make the disk’s surface clean. It will make you easily place the clay on it and start your process of making pottery. Let’s learn about how to use the pottery wheel with the help of different steps:

1. Spin The Wheel

First of all, you have to spin the wheel, get some water, and dampen the center of the flat disk by using the sponge.

2. Place The Clay

Take the clay, place it on the damped place at the disk, and make it flat by using the palm of your hand. Keep spinning the wheel manually until all the clay is flattened down. Now take your index finger and keep pressing and sealing the edges of the clay.

3. Control The Speed Of the Wheel

Once you see that the clay is placed in the right position, you have to increase the wheel’s speed and take the water in your hands. Apply this water to the clay firmly.

4. Conning Up The Clay

At this step, you have to use your left hand to push the clay upward, which we called coning up method in pottery. With the help of your palm, try to squeeze the clay in the inward direction. This will make the clay pop up between your hands. When the clay gets taller, you have to create the ‘A’ shape with the help of your thumbs.

5. Cone Down The Clay

After the coning up method, you must apply the coning down method that you have to perform in the center of the clay. You also need to apply more water while doing this task. Take your thumb to the top and in the center of the clay, apply pressure on it. Now place the fingers in that order, which will help you wrap the clay from the corners.

6. Set The Position Of Your Fingers

The fingers of your right hand must be placed on the top and sides of the clay while you are gently pushing the clay from its center. Make sure that your fingers are doing their best while wrapping the sides of the clay.

7. Position Your Hands

Both hands would be in the same direction of pushing down the clay from the center with the help of your thumbs. Then wrap the clay from the corner. While doing this procedure, make sure to take your fingers down slightly. Use more water and keep repeating this method until the clear is centered. To create an influential center, keep spinning the wheel and gently placing the clay into the center.

8. Give The Shape And Size

The most crucial step in pottery is to be more careful while performing this task. You have to give the proper shape to your pottery. Place your hands on the sides of your knees, place your right thumb on the top of your left thumb, keeping your thumbs parallel to the floor. Press the top thumb downwards to make slight dew in the top of the clay.

9. Perform Drilling

You have to perform Drilling to create the vase, plate, or bowl opening. For this, you have to place the left thumb in the devoted area and spin the wheel until your thumb gets centered and doesn’t move around. With the help of your right-hand fingers, push your left thumb inward to create the pottery opening.

10. Form Your Pottery

At this step, you will have to form the pottery, and for that purpose, you have to insert the middle finger of your left hand at the devoted area. Take your right hand and place it on your left hand while pulling the clay slightly into the backward direction to give the desired shape.

11. Check The Shape Of The Object

Now look at your work and analyze whether the shape created matches your requirements or not. If it meets your expectations, congratulations on achieving what you want.

12. Remove The Pottery From The Disk

After creating the desired pottery, now it’s time to remove it from the disk. For this purpose, you have to take the stiff wire at the sides of your pottery, move it forward and backward, and then slide it back towards you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: When was the pottery wheel invented?

Ans: The first pottery wheel was invented between 6000 and 4000 BC.

Q2: Who invented the pottery wheel?

Ans: Most people said that the ancient Sumerians invented the first pottery wheel in the area of Mesopotamia.

Q3: Where was the pottery wheel invented?

Ans: The pottery wheel was invented in Mesopotamia.

Q4: How does the pottery wheel work?

Ans: A pottery wheel has a circular disk on its top that rotates, and the potter will shape the clay in any shape while using the hands and putting pressure on the clay.


This is all about how you can use a pottery wheel. We have discussed each step from all perspectives to make it easy for you to understand and learn. If you still don’t understand something, you can post a comment and tell us your problem we will guide you in this regard.

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