Top 5 Best Clays for Sculpting & Modeling  

Sculpting is one of the best hobbies for both youngsters and adults. You find it an exciting and relaxing activity while exploring your sense of creativity. However, most people don’t know the correct type of clay to work. Sculpting isn’t an easy task, and it becomes more difficult if you do it with the wrong clay.


On the other hand, while you use suitable clay for your project, things become more manageable and enjoyable. Similarly, finding the best clay for sculpting is challenging while you have lots of products available in the market. But, don’t worry; we are always here to help you out.

Indeed, the ideal clay for sculpting figures depends on the equipment you have. Will you do your tasks at your studio or home? Do you bother about the mess around you? So, we have listed five of the best modeling clay products for your convenience. Let’s have a look at their properties and then you can decide which one suits you better.

Top 5 of the Sculpting Clay for Beginners

So, these are our listed products. You can thoroughly read their specifications to understand which will work better for your art projects.

Aves Apoxie Sculpt Waterproof Air Dry Clay

Aves Apoxie Sculpt Waterproof Air Dry Clay

  • The Holy Grail Of Modeling Clay
  • Apoxie Sculpt Dries With Exposure To Air
  • Packaged By Hand
  • No Shrinking Or Cracking 
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Monster Clay Premium Grade Modeling Clay

Monster Clay Premium Grade Modeling Clay

  • Sulfur Free
  • Oil/Wax Based
  • High Plasticity
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Original Sculpey Non-Toxic Polymer Clay

Original Sculpey Non-Toxic Polymer Clay

  • Stays soft until baked
  • Fun to Paint
  • Easy to work
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ACTIVA Plus Natural Self-Hardening Clay

ACTIVA Plus Natural Self-Hardening Clay

  • Superior modeling clay 
  • Self-hardens
  • Non-toxic
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Van Aken Plastalina Non-Hardening Modeling Clay

Van Aken Plastalina Non-Hardening Modeling Clay

  • Remains pliable
  • Fun for the whole family
  • Non-Toxic
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1. Aves Apoxie Sculpt Waterproof Air Dry Clay for Sculpting

Aves Apoxie Sculpt Waterproof Air Dry Clay

Aves Apoxie is waterproof clay that will help you create spectacular items conveniently. Also, while you use this air-dry clay, your art piece will last forever without getting damaged. It has fantastic flexibility and excellent elements that satisfy your creativity.


This wonderful air-dry clay features properties suitable for lots of DIY projects. Moreover, most people who love to enjoy DIY tasks consider this clay to satisfy their enthusiasm for sculpting. Similarly, you can use this clay not only for sculpting but also for repairing your broken items.

No Kiln Firing

As the Apoxie sculpt gets dry in the air, therefore, you don’t need to fire your clay items in an oven or kiln. Moreover, you can use the traditional sculpting methods while creating your figures because of their softness. So, enjoy your creativity and make various things out of clay like miniature figures, beautiful sculptures, and much more.

Durable & Sturdy

This modeling clay for kids is soft and flexible, which helps shape it in any figure. So, you feel comfortable while you do your art projects. Besides, your clay item becomes durable and sturdy without cracks when you finish your task. It helps you create a masterpiece that lasts for decades.

Smooth Consistency

Apart from all these properties, it has a smooth consistency that you can easily mix and use. Furthermore, the Apoxie Sculpt is available in 12 fantastic colors. So, you can mix to create fantastic color combinations. Similarly, you can get a kit with four colors in large sizes. These are three color kits that you can select from:

Neutral: Brown, Black, White, Silver-Grey-Grey

Primary: Yellow, Red, Blue, Green

Earth: Natural, Pink, Bronze, Orange


  • Available in 12 striking colors
  • Smooth consistency
  • Useful for repairs
  • No need to fire in a kiln


  • Black color spreads all over the place

2. Monster Clay Premium Grade Modeling Clay for Kids

Monster Clay Premium Grade Mo

Monster Clay Premium Grade is an excellent form of clay professionally used by many artists throughout the world. This clay features a non-toxic nature, and you will never get harsh effects on your hands while using it. Moreover, you can reuse this clay again and again if you store it safely.

Elastic Quality

Since the Monster clay has an elastic nature, you can change the shape of your model at any stage. It features super flexible properties that are fantastic to help you create outstanding figures. Furthermore, it has a low melting temperature which is another plus point of this clay. So, you can make significant figures while playing with this super flexible clay.

Safe and Convenient

The product is safe and reliable to use even by your kids. Also, you will love to use this clay to create your designs because of its sulfur-free properties. It comes in an easy-to-open package. Moreover, this Premium Grade Modeling Clay has an oily texture that makes this clay super smooth. So, you can do excellent sculpting while creating your designs.  


Another plus point of this clay is that it is durable and long-lasting. It lasts longer if you use it carefully. Also, there is no need to fire it too much; otherwise, it will become trash for you. So, try your art experiments with patience and create designs that will last for decades.


The most loveable feature of this Monster Clay is that it is not sticky like other clays. While playing with clay, you occasionally become irritated because it sticks to your hands. So, you feel difficulty focusing on your task. However, this non-sticky clay won’t irritate you while sticking on your hands.


  • Available in an oven-safe container
  • Great to create fine lines
  • The best option to make small figures
  • Contains good properties


  • Not any

3. Original Sculpey Non-Toxic Polymer Clay for modeling and sculpting


For decades, most kids and adults have been using this sculpting clay for beginners. While you use this original Sculpey clay, it feels flexible and soft like pottery clay. Moreover, it won’t dry out in the air. So, try out this best clay for sculpting and satisfy your love for creativity.

Oven Bake Clay

As the clay has versatile properties, you can drill, sand, carve and paint on your items while you complete them. Also, once you create your masterpiece, you need to fire it in a kiln or oven and then start embellishing it. You can decorate your items later since they won’t dry out like air-dry clay when exposed to the air.

Exciting Creativity

Indeed, this oven-bake clay is an economical method to engage your kids in creative activities. You can paint your art pieces according to your choice to give them a beautiful finish. Similarly, it is excellent for school tasks, kids’ parties, and family entertainment. So, divert your kids’ attention from gadgets and engage them in their creativity.

Available in Three Colors

You can get this fantastic product in three striking colors: Terra Cotta, White & Granite. So, it offers you to paint your art piece and give it a beautiful appearance after baking it in a kiln. Also, it will remain flexible and soft until you fire it in an oven or kiln. You can save the extra clay and make other items whenever you want. 

Easy to Use

Carving tools help to create different designs and shapes on your clay items to give them a fantastic look. Original Sculpey is easy to use, and you can make various items with your hand or carving tools. Furthermore, it is a perfect option for both adults and kids as the product is safe to use.


  • It doesn’t dry out in the air
  • Safe to use
  • Available in three colors
  • Suitable for both adults and kids


  • It becomes a little hard in the air

4. ACTIVA Plus Natural Self-Hardening Clay for Sculpting

ACTIVA Plus Natural Self-Hardening Clay

ACTIVA Plus clay is available in the most refined form to make crafts or any projects related to sculptures. With the excellent details, it satisfies all art lovers. Moreover, it is the safest clay because of its non-toxic texture. In addition to this, its quality makes it more demanding among the artists. A crafter can make any shape from this clay and dry it in the kiln if needed.           

Easy to Use

ACTIVA Plus is easy-handling clay. You can make any shape of your desire through this excellent smooth clay. It won’t get dry quickly, and there will be no cracks after getting dry. Furthermore, you can use this clay to mold it in any shape.

Great Quality Product

The quality of the ACTIVA plus Clay is superb. With the superior flexible property, this clay will make your projects loveable. Additionally, your sculptures will express your feelings to the viewers.

No Mixing Required

The product comes in complete ready form. You don’t need anything to add in like water or oil. The material of the clay is of good quality and long-lasting. So, you can save it for more extended periods without any additional material. 

Remains Damped

The most loving thing about this clay is that it remains damp. It means if you want to cover your projects later, it won’t get dry and crackdown. Moreover, this super clay doesn’t shrink as you use it for a long time.


  • Excellent to use in any atmosphere or temperature
  • It gives you refined and excellent results
  • Blends well without any extra effort
  • Even children can use this clay for their projects


  • The color is not strictly

5. Van Aken Plastalina Non-Hardening Modeling Clay for Sculpting

Van Aken Plastalina Non-Hardening Modeling Clay

Van Aken is flexible and smooth clay available in striking colors. Most artists used this clay in lots of award-winning figures. Moreover, it is a favorite product of most artists and sculptors.

Remains Flexible 

As the clay is non-hardening, it will not harden and remains flexible. So, you don’t need to worry if your child leaves the clay open at any place. You can leave it open for months without fear of its getting dry out. Make your sculptures and figures while playing with this super soft and flexible clay.

Safe and Non-Toxic

This amazing clay is safe to use even by the entire family. Kids can play with it safely as they won’t get any side effects from this product. So, enjoy the fun with your family and kids. Moreover, it has the certification of ACMI. Therefore, it is gluten-free, non-toxic, and doesn’t contain dangerous chemicals. 

Reasonable Price

With this beautiful clay, you can make various figures or art items, such as dishes, pencil holders, or small figures. It comes with a very reasonable price tag, including excellent properties. Moreover, you can get it in various colors. So, do your art experiments while creating your favorite color combinations.

Oil-Based Clay

Van Aken’s Plastalina Clay is oil-based. Therefore, it doesn’t harden with time. Moreover, while you make a figure with this clay, it comes in a smooth shape loved by art lovers. After making your figures, embellish them with paints to give them a great look.

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  • Smooth consistency
  • Loved by most artists
  • It doesn’t dry out
  • Remains flexible


  • Not for beginners

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is air dry clay suitable for sculpting?

If you want to do hand-building practices like sculpting, air dry clay goes well with it. You can use lots of armature with this type of clay. Also, you don’t need to worry about the melting or burning of figures as they won’t go into the kiln for firing.

Q. What clay is used for sculpting action figures?

Monster Clay Premium is the best clay for sculpting action figures. It features high flexibility and sulfur-free ingredients. Remember that it is not easy for all potters to handle it. Only expert artists work with it while making action figures.

Q. Is natural clay good for sculpting?

Most potters use porcelain in pottery making. It is natural clay and very difficult to handle because of its softness. However, stoneware & terra cotta are comparatively more straightforward.

Q. Is polymer clay good for sculpting?

Yes, polymer clay is suitable for sculpting. Its color is beautiful, and you can paint it conveniently. Moreover, it is soft, gives an excellent finish and you can find it in lots of colors.

Q. Is water-based clay good for sculpting?

Water-based clay gets inflexible on drying, but it is good if you need to fire your item in a kiln to make a clay sculpture. Moreover, you can reuse it as it doesn’t dry. However, it is essential to keep it clean.


So, that’s all, folks; we hope you will find the article knowledgeable. We try our best to help you choose the best clay for sculpting. However, it all depends on how you need to do your projects while playing with clay. Your budget also matters a lot.

Honestly, every product has its advantages and disadvantages. So, while doing different experiments, you can find out the right product for your task. If you want to ask anything more about the product or give any suggestions, ask us in the comment section below. We are always here to answer your queries as soon as possible. 

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