How to Buy the Right Pottery Wheel – Step By Step Guide

Pottery making has been an ancient art since our ancestors. They used to make clay pots using kick wheels. However, this art has become more advanced and innovative these days. Now, we have modern technology with electric pottery wheels. On the other hand, you have to get as much info as possible to use a pottery wheel. 


Honestly, it is confusing to buy a best pottery wheel, especially when many options are available in the market. So, if you want to get an excellent wheel, you need to consider various factors. But don’t worry; we are here to help you solve the issue.

This article will guide you on what to look for when buying pottery wheel. So, keep reading the article to know and understand our guidelines. Here we have compiled particular features that you must check before buying a wheel. So, without wasting time, let’s look at these aspects.

What to Consider Before Buying Pottery Wheel

Wheel Head Size

A wheel head revolves around shaping the clay and transforming them into beautiful pots. Firstly, you need to check the wheel head size that is the most important part of a wheel. After all, you will work on this plate with your clay. So, if it is large, you can play with larger clay pieces and make big pots.

Moreover, larger wheel heads can endure more weight of clay, and you will make big bowls, plates, and vases. Similarly, buy a wheel head with at least 14 inches for big pots if you want to make it.

Type of Pottery Wheel

When you plan on buying a pottery wheel, ask yourself what type of wheel you want to work on. There are two types of pottery wheels available on the market: electric or kick wheel. So, firstly, decide on your type and then go ahead to check the other features of your wheel.

Easy to Use

An electric wheel is easy for beginners since they don’t need to make much effort to control it. Electric wheels feature various adjustable controls, and users can use them conveniently. If you can handle the clay pieces easily, you can focus on your task conveniently. Moreover, you can concentrate on throwing the clay with both of your hands.

There is no need to control the functions manually. So, you will love to do new art experiences with clay. 

Weight Capacity

Another vital thing you should check is how much weight capacity a wheel has. We suggest going for a wheel that can bear more load capacity. After all, you will advance in your skill and want to make big pots. So, get a wheel that will last longer with a good weight capacity.

Bat Pins

Occasionally, you can’t make designs according to your desire on a metallic wheel. You can attach ‘bats’ to your wheel to solve this issue. Bats are extra plates mounted on pins located on the wheel head. Particular wheel heads feature typical pin patterns. However, it is wise to check them before purchasing a wheel.


Another most compulsory unit of a wheel is its motor. It powers the wheel and moves it in two-way directions. You should check the power of the motor also. So, check how much HP and the centering capacity a motor has. As such, the HP of the motor depends on your requirements.

If you want to throw small clay pieces on the wheel, one-half HP is sufficient. On the other hand, one or more HP is enough for larger clay pieces. Similarly, do check the RPMs of the motor also. Furthermore, a higher-powered motor will endure more load capacity than low powered motor.

Reversibility of Wheel

Currently, almost all electric pottery wheels move in two-way directions. Also, you can easily control and change the direction of the wheel while doing clay art tasks. However, while you want to buy a wheel, make sure to check the reversibility option. This option will help you make amazing designs and patterns for your clay pots.

Seated Wheel

A seated pottery wheel has a table attached to it. You can place a chair near your wheel and start working. Moreover, they come with a foot pedal to adjust the rotational speed of your wheel. So, do consider the type of wheel before purchasing it. If you don’t like to move your foot too much, we suggest going for a tabletop option. 

Tabletop Wheel

As for a tabletop wheel, you need to put your wheel on a table to do your work. The tabletop wheel is portable, lightweight, and consumes less space.

Splash Pan

There is a splash pan around the wheel in almost every pottery wheel. It helps store extra water and mud splashes to avoid mess and keep the surroundings tidy. So, make sure to check if the wheel has a removable splash pan or not. You can remove the splash pan after finishing your work and clean it.


The durability of your pottery machine also matters a lot. If you want to start your pottery-making business, you need to spend a little more on a durable product. A durable and great quality electric wheel will last for decades. So, consider spending few more dollars and get a machine that will live with you longer. 


While deciding on buying a kick wheel or an electric wheel, portability is the main thing to consider. Honestly, an electric wheel is more convenient to move around than a kick wheel. Besides, the electric wheels are small in size, but they are also lightweight. The portability of a wheel helps in many respects. You can take your machine with you anywhere you want. Or, if you want to move your studio anywhere else, you can take your wheel there easily.

Check Your Budget

Once you know all about what to look for when buying a pottery wheel, check your budget now. So far, you have understood all the features and functions of a pottery wheel. Now decide how much budget you have in mind to purchase a wheel. You will want to get a machine that will suit your requirements along with your budget.

You can check the prices of various wheels that are available online. It is wise to check all the online and local art suppliers and do good research on the different prices. Then, make sure to compare the different suppliers’ prices also. You can find the possible price of an electric pottery wheel from $400 to $1500.

You should set your budget based on the specifications & the features of a wheel that you want. Truly, a wheel that features good weight capacity, more HP motor & smooth operating system will cost you more. However, you will get a great quality product that will last longer.  

How to Buy the Right Pottery Wheel

There are some important factors to consider before purchasing an electric pottery wheel. In this way, you will avoid lots of other issues. So, let’s check them out before going to buy a pottery wheel.  

Shipping Costs

If you want to order your machine online, you must also check the shipping costs. For example, if your machine is big and heavy, it will cost you more shipping charges. So, we suggest looking at the price, attachments you require & the shipping charges before ordering online. In this way, you can easily decide whether you can afford the product or not.

Second Hand Electric Wheel

On the other hand, if you find that you can’t afford all these expenses at all. Don’t worry; you can go for a second-hand wheel. The online market is full of used pottery wheels. For that, you can start searching from eBay that is perfect to start with. Similarly, many other online stores on Google find second-hand pottery wheels. However, it is important to test a used pottery wheel before buying. Therefore, confirm if the seller that sells you a used machine will let you return it or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does a pottery wheel cost?

You can find an electric pottery wheel starting from $400 to $1500. However, tabletop wheels are less costly.

Q. Where to buy a potters wheel?

You can browse Google to search online stores that sell pottery wheels online. You can buy them from Amazon also.

Q. Where to buy a potters wheel?

You can read reviews on Also, You can browse Google to search online stores that sell pottery wheels online. You can buy them from Amazon also.

Q. Is pottery a good hobby?

Yes, pottery making with clay is a good hobby. Once you master it, you can start your business out of it. Moreover, then you can sell your clay pots and start earning.


So, that’s all folks, here is the complete guide on what to look for when buying a pottery wheel. Now, you have a profound knowledge about the vital specification to check in a pottery wheel. We hope that you will find the article helpful. Still, if you have queries or suggestions, feel free to write in the comment section below. Our team is always there to respond to you as soon as possible.

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