Best Pottery Wheel Stools for 2023

Once you get a pottery wheel, the second most important thing is a stool that you will use to sit in a comfortable position. For that, you need a padded and comfortable stool that won’t make you tired for longer pottery sessions. Moreover, it should feature an adjustable seat and removable back and arms. 

On the other hand, there are many options available in the market. So, it becomes challenging to find the best pottery wheel stool. Similarly, you have to understand your needs and budget also. But, don’t worry at all; we are here to help you out. In this article, we listed five ergonomic pottery stool models. So, continue reading this article to understand their specifications and feasibilities. 

Pottery Wheel Stools

Our Top 5 Pick of the Best Pottery Wheel Stools

Here we will review the five preferences that you can choose. So, please do your research and check these models to select one that satisfies your requirements.

1. Shimpo Nidec Adjustable Potters Stool – With Padded Seat

Shimpo Nidec Adjustable Potters Stool

First on our list of the best pottery wheel stools comes Shimpo Nidec potter’s stool. This comfortable stool comes with a padded seat, adjustable legs, and durable construction. Moreover, you can use it for extended pottery sessions without getting uncomfortable. Also, the durable material will last for decades.

Two Longer Legs

Shimpo Nidec is a unique model that comes with two long legs. So, if you want a diagonal position while doing your project, it offers you a tilted posture. This feature doesn’t come with other stool models, making it the most versatile stool reviewed here. Moreover, you won’t need to lean your back to operate while adjusting your seat in a tilted position.

Economical Price

This stool has a reasonable price between $80 to 90, including the shipping charges. Therefore, while there are many other models with high price tags, you can try this less costly stool to continue your clay art. However, you will find it difficult to adjust the pins on the legs to change their height. But, you won’t need to adjust it so often.

Comfortable Seat

It is one of the most comfortable & well-designed pottery wheel stools available on the market. It features four adjustable legs, and each leg has nine adjustable holes. So, you can adjust the height according to your size or requirement. It is easy to raise your stool up and down as you want. Besides, as it has a padded seat, you won’t get tired while busy in extended pottery operations. 

Small Size

Apart from all these features, the most fantastic thing is that it is small. So, you can put it anywhere in your studio or at home as it doesn’t consume much space. Also, after finishing your pottery session, you can put it upside down on your pottery wheel for later use. So, try this compact, durable and comfortable pottery stool to do your task more conveniently.


  • Comfortable padded seat
  • Adjustable legs
  • Small size
  • Easy to move around
  • Durable structure


  • The seat cover is not up to the mark

2. National Public Seating Stools 18″ – With Adjustable Legs

National Public Seating Stools

National Public Seating stool is another excellent quality product to help you in your pottery-making projects. It is durable, solid, and highly comfortable to sit on. You can use it for years without damaging its construction, even with heavy usage. 

Adjustable Height

As the stool comes with adjustable height, you can regulate the size according to your need. Similarly, make your seat as high as a long stool or as low as a pedestal one. However, the 18 inches height is sufficient to do your clay tasks. On the other hand, if you find it short, you can raise it as you want. Also, it doesn’t offer you quick adjustments like Shimpo stool; you need to use a tug.

Excellent Quality Steel 

The stool features excellent quality steel and a painted exterior. Moreover, the legs are made with steel pipes. It comes assembled, and you don’t need to attach any parts. Also, as the stool is small in size, you can move it around quickly and put it anywhere in your workplace.

Durable Seat

The seat features a Masonite board wrapped up in the pan. Besides, it is a durable seat that won’t crack or break with heavy usage. So, you can use the stool while doing your pottery tasks for more extended periods. Just do your pottery experiments sitting on this comfortable and durable stool.

Attached Foot Rings

You can see foot rings attached at the bottom of the stool. These rings enhance the durability and firmness of the product. You can use it conveniently without fear of falling, even if you are overweight. Also, it is a certified product, so it will last for years without damage.


  • Adjustable height
  • Durable material
  • Comfortable for longer periods
  • Small size
  • Portable


  • Difficult to adjust the height

3. Rolling Swivel Pottery Stool Comfortable Seat – With Wheels

Rolling Swivel Pottery Stool Comfortable Seat

This durable and multipurpose stool doesn’t get damaged with heavy usage. It features durable construction and lets you sit in a comfortable posture during pottery sessions. Moreover, if you use it carefully, it will last for years without damage.

Padded Seat

It has a comfortable and padded seat made with PVC & stretchy cotton. This material makes it very relaxing and convenient to sit for extended periods. The round-shaped padded seat offers a comfy posture without hurting your butt and back. 

Swivel Stool

As the stool is swivel and it rotates freely. You can spin it in all directions as you require during your tasks. It makes it easy to revolve the seat wherever you want to move, such as in your studio, kitchen, or other places. Besides, you don’t need to use any tools to assemble it, as it takes only two steps to set up this fantastic stool. 

Adjustable Height

This best pottery wheel stool offers a variety of adjustable heights. Therefore, you can set the size according to your demand and convenience. Moreover, it is around four inches higher than standard stools. So, it makes it possible to use it for other tasks except for pottery sessions.

Durable Steel Bottom 

Apart from other exceptional features, it has a durable steel bottom that makes it long-lasting. Moreover, it features a fantastic material that will last longer without damage. Also, having 400 lbs. weight capacity can easily bear heavy people. So, if you are overweight, don’t worry; you can use this stool without fear of falling.


  • Easy to install
  • Good weight capacity
  • Durable material
  • Comfortable seat
  • Adjustable height


  • Not any

4. Grace & Grace Height Adjustable Rolling Swivel Stool

Grace & Grace Height Adjustable Rolling Swivel Stool

Grace & Grace rolling stool is another best pottery wheel stool. It comes with a durable and comfortable seat. Moreover, it has a beautiful design that will enhance the décor of your room or studio. You can use it for extended periods while sitting in a comfy posture.

360-Degree rotation

This stool model is slightly different from others as it features a 360-degree rotation. It is an ergonomic pottery stool with a comfortable seat. Since it moves in entire revolving, you can move it conveniently in all directions during your tasks. Also, the convenient footrest makes it more relaxing to sit on it while doing your pottery sessions.

Adjustable Height

While doing your projects, you can adjust their height according to your need. You need to pull a lever if you want to change the size. It is not difficult and takes a few seconds to do so. Most professionals recommend this excellent quality stool to use for pottery sessions, in the kitchen, at the studio, or else. Also, it features an anti-exploding round platter fixed beneath the seat that confirms your safety.

Smooth Movement

It comes with strengthened nylon casters at the bottom, making its movement smooth and quiet. So, if you are moving your stool on a hard floor or a rug, it won’t create any scratches. Furthermore, the solid and secure metallic base allows good weight capacity. It can bear about 400lbs easily, and you don’t need to worry about its damage or breakage. Also, you don’t need to assemble it as it comes. 

PVC Leather Covering

It features high-density sponge padding and premium quality PVC leather covering. Similarly, it offers you extreme relaxation while sitting in a comfortable position. So, you can spend hours and hours busy in your clay art projects without hurting your butt and back. Moreover, as the stool has durable and long-lasting material, it will last for years without any damage.


  • Comfortable seat
  • Smooth to move around
  • Good weight capacity
  • Easy to move around
  • Safe to use


  • Not sturdy

5. BIG RED Torin Swivel Bar Stool with Chrome Plated Legs

BIG RED Torin Swivel Bar Stool with Chrome Plated Legs

Big Red is a swivel bar stool with awesome looks. This swivel stool is best for your stores, home appliances, and car or other vehicle garages. Furthermore, you will find it so convenient while sitting on it because of its comfy cushion. Further, it has more awesome features discussed below:


Torin BIG RED swivel bar stool is the best option for a shopkeeper. Moreover, it serves as the best stool for pottery-making sessions. You can use it for performing different kitchen tasks such as cutting vegetables or preparing other stuff for cooking.

Awesome Look

The swivel bar stool looks awesome while you put it in your home or at the studio. This stool will enhance the overall look of your studio or workplace. And its black colored cushion and silver metallic bars give it the most beautiful look.

Best Material

The swivel stool’s material is also durable. It can bear a weight of about 250 lbs. Furthermore, its swiveling feature is also so smooth that it can rotate in a very evenly manner. Additionally, the seat cushion is also so comfortable and made with high-density padding.

Accurate Height

Its height is about 28.5”. Henceforth, this height is considered perfect for a person to reach the counter of any place. So, you should consider this stool for your pottery-making sessions to enjoy your projects.


  • Highly durable
  • Perfect height
  • Best material
  • High-density foam padding
  • Smooth swivel movement


  • Not any

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is a pottery wheel stool adjustable?

Yes, pottery wheel stools come with adjustable legs that you can set according to your height. Besides, you can tilt them to release pressure on your lower back. So, make sure to glide it while you want to center your clay piece.

Q. How tall should a Potters stool be?

According to professional potters, your butt should sit slightly upper than your wheel head. Make sure to keep it about one inch higher than the wheel head. Sitting in this position will allow you a comfortable pottery experience for extended periods. 

Q. Are pottery wheel stools comfortable to sit in?

Pottery making while in a sitting position is more comfortable than while standing. However, you need to put your body in a proper place. Make sure to sit higher or at least parallel to the wheel head. This posture won’t make you uncomfortable for a more extended period.

Q. How do you sit in a pottery wheelchair?

While you want to make pottery on your wheel, make sure to sit in a position where your pelvis should come forward. In this manner, you can align your pelvis with your spine making yourself comfortable. If you hunch your back, your spine will become uncomfortable, leading to weak muscles later.


In this article, we emphasized the importance of having a comfortable and ergonomic place to sit while working on the wheel. Another crucial tool for potters is the banding wheel, which allows them to create intricate patterns on their ceramics. These small, flat wheels are attached to a handle, making it easy for the potter to apply pressure to the clay as they work. By using a high-quality pottery wheel stool in conjunction with a banding wheel, potters can achieve greater precision and efficiency in their work. It’s important to invest in both of these tools if you want to take your pottery to the next level.

Your comfort matters a lot while doing your tasks. So, in this article, we described the best pottery wheel stools that will help you do your clay art projects. They allow you to sit in a relaxed position while making clay pots at home or in the studio. We hope you will find the article helpful and make your decision.

We suggest you go for Shimpo Nidec Pottery Wheel out of these models. It is reasonable-priced, durable, and has a comfortable seat. However, you can go for any other model that suits your requirements and budget. The pottery wheel stools mentioned here are good options to make your pottery experience comfortable. So, sitting in a relaxing posture is essential to focus on your work.

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